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Tenzin Gyatso-the 14th Dalai Lama seems like a mellow dude in his red robe and wide open eyes, but even he admits to options when a mosquito lands on his arm. If mood happy, he gives blood. If mood impatient, he blows. If mood more impatient, he flicks it away.

Anger management is a nice concept, but there are moments. Oh, how there are moments when the only thing we can do is rage.

Lou Pinella ranks 11th all time in manager ejections with 63, but he’s probably 1st for intentional ones. Pinella slipped into tasmanian devil mode to jump start his team when in need of a spark.

In August of 2010 Pinella retired as manager of the Chicago Cubs. He wanted to take care of his ailing grandmother. Take note umpires. Sweet Lou isn’t such a bad guy.

The all time leader in heave hoes is Bobby Cox with 161. He also retired in 2010. Cox completed his work in 4508 games.That averages out to one boot per 28 games. Not bad, but a notch below Paul Richards who got tossed 80 times in 1837 games or 1 every 23 -the all time record.

Richards managed the Baltimore Orioles from 1955-1961. Seven years later, Earl Weaver took over the reigns and what a trip it turned out to be. In addition to winning a hell of a lot of games, Weaver entertained Oriole fans with a steady dose of screw the umpire. He got tossed 94 times in 2541 games or one every 27. Weaver passed away January 19, 2013

Of active managers, the Tiger’s Jim Leyland ranks 8th all time with 68 ejections and the Twin’s Ron Gardenhire has 65. Also on the top 10 list are former skippers Tony Larussa, John McGraw, Frankie Frisch, and Leo Durocher,  but no one will ever do it like Earl Weaver.

In the following video clip, Umpire Bill Haller was wearing a mic as part of a documentary. He called a balk on Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagon. Weaver took care of the rest.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

4 thoughts on “getting the heave-ho

  1. I have to share this. It was such an unusual occurrence in First Class cricket that it has remained a historical moment. Probably a good thing neither was wearing a mic.

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