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1,689 is good enough for me


Say numbers like 714 or .367 or  511 or 56 to a baseball fan and well, you may not be able to see the circus starting in their minds, but it’s there. Say 1,689 and you might get a turned up nose of snobbery.

David Ortiz reached the mark last night. He’s now the designated hitter king, surpassing the previous mark held by Harold Baines.

The stand in batter for pitchers doesn’t play defense. He’s a half breed. He takes his turn at the plate and then drags his fat as back to the dugout and rides pine, plays hot foot, or wanders down to the clubhouse and watches TV.


Big Papi Ortiz-wikicommons

And thank heavens or devil the DH exists! Bless em’ all; from the very first DH-Ron Blomberg in 1973 to Larry Hisle, Hal Mcrae, Edgar Martinez, Frank Thomas, and onward….more, more, more.

I hope it pisses of National League purists more and more and more. The World Series will be more heated. Interleague play saps enough intensity from the World Series already. So keep em’ separated. Keep their identities different. Keep the DH!

What would National League fans do without the DH anyway? They would suffer elitist withdrawal. There would be no more crutch to wax superior about that older, purer game back before all the so called “trouble” started. What trouble? There was always trouble and always will be.

Congratulations Big Papi!


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

3 thoughts on “1,689 is good enough for me

  1. Were I a cognoscente, I would probably take the contrary view, and revel in the fact that specialists in other areas of the game are obliged to take their turn with the bat. There is something poetic in a battle between pitcher and pitcher. I’ll draw an analogy, one I have turned to before, with cricket. The ‘tail’ – the final few batsmen to come to the crease, invariably a side’s attacking bowlers, can fall like ninepins, or often can provide great entertainment, and can be stubborn with the willow. Take yesterday’s record-breaking, last-wicket stand in Australia’s innings. One of the stubborn tail-enders was a debut bowler, aged 19, who was only 2 runs short of a maiden century when he was caught at the boundary. If Australia had been able to send in a ‘designated batsman’ instead, the drama would disappear. In fact, no Test Match would ever come to an end, as each side’s first innings would go on, and on, and on, and use up the five days allocated.

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