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the 5 hole


This is part 5 of tunes to the batting order. Yesterday was the clean up hitter.

We’re beyond the milky way now where only Jack Horkheimer and his band of star gazers cares about the difference between Andromeda and Pinwheel galaxies. But it matters.

Whoever bats fifth is gonna see some big juicy balls after the clean up hitter gets walked intentionally.

The all time leader in intentional walks is also the home run king. Barry Bonds was given first base 688 times. That’s more than double the next guy with 293 who happens to be Hank Aaron-the previous king.

And who batted after Barry Bonds? Well that would be Jeff “100 RBI’s as a second baseman 6 consecutive years” Kent.

I want a grenade launching monster who makes consistent contact. If our H-bomb clean up hero fails, the 5 man will send ground to air missile fly balls deep enough and high enough for the runners to tag up and advance and if they happen to be on third base, a run will score-the sacrifice fly.

I want King Crimson’s “Sheltering Sky”


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

6 thoughts on “the 5 hole

    • Thank you for the link, the baseball related link. Keep em’ coming. Much appreciated.

      I’m glad to read that “scientists are looking deep into the maple core” and apparently have found a way to minimize the broken bat incident. That stuff is dangerous! But the number of people attending games solely to see bats break was probably minimal anyway, so attendance should not be effected.

  1. Adrian Belew as Jeff Kent. Works for me!

    • i hope the Belew and Fripp falling out paled in comparison to what went on with Kent and Bonds and previously Van Slyke and Bonds. I think Fripp is the good kind of control freak. Interesting how much space he gave Belew when they did play together.

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