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electromagnetic transfusion part 1


My grandma swears she saw lightning pass through her Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania house sometime in the late 1950’s. I believe her now and it only cost me two cigarettes.

I was zigzagging my way through Montreal neighborhoods when a guy asked me for two cigarettes. Funny how strangers always ask me for tobacco. I guess that’s why I keep smoking,

He was wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball hat, so I felt polite steering the conversation towards Jarry Park and Willie Stargell once hitting a home run into the swimming pool beyond right field. This guy confirmed the legend, but told me he could hit a home run 500 feet as well and that  he was once the best baseball player in Quebec.

jarry park-wikicommons

jarry park-wikicommons

He mentioned a few old Expos names like Bill Stoneman and John Boccabella, but quickly changed the topic to floor hockey. I don’t know much about the sport except that players wear cool looking space shoes and don’t have to skate because the game is not played on ice.

I tried once again swerving the conversation back to the Expos or back to the fiddler on the Jarry Park dugout roof and Fernand La Pierre the organ player, but after hearing his own voice mention ball hockey, this guy was already way down river.

“I would have been the best player in the NHL for sure,” he said.  “Better than Bobby Orr and Denis Savard, but with these damn ankles, I could barely stand sturdy on skates.”

His crutches and special brace convinced me. Our cigarettes had burned halfway. He rambled on, said he played floor hockey like a chess player. I guess that meant keeping everyone guessing or whatever, I wasn’t really thinking about floor hockey. I was watching a bolt of lightning pass through a human being. He was coming back to life and I felt the jolt too.

This day was just beginning. To be continued in the next post.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

5 thoughts on “electromagnetic transfusion part 1

  1. I vacationed with my family up in Montreal when i was just, I think, about ten-years old. When we arrived at the hotel, I did what most boys my age always do in a hotel, turn on the T.V. It was black and white, and the channel was tuned to a baseball game, played at Jarry Park. My dad quickly exerted his paternal dominance by shutting off the T.V. after a few moments, the only time I ever got to see any part of a game played at Jarry Park.
    Also, the very first player I ever pulled out of a pack of baseball cards was Clyde Mashore in 1973. He is standing on brown grass, and although he’s listed as an outfielder, he is sort of hunched over like an indifferent infielder. The weird thing is that he and I share a birthday, May 29th.

    • I thought that second paragraph was gonna say, “But my dad mellowed come morning and blind folded me until we arrived at Jarry Park to watch a game and Ken Singleton hit a home run.
      But seriously, thanks for sharing those memories-so truly authentic. And the first wax rip card opening is an Expo who shares your birthday? That’s more than wonderful amazing and a miracle combined.

  2. It has been years since I had a serendipitous conversation with anyone. Last time I couldn’t tell a word the guy was saying because his beard hid his lips.

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