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the old baseball field montreal


Milwaukee’s shuttle bus to Miller Park  is #90 with a dashboard flashing “Go Brewers.” The green limousine rolls along Wisconsin Avenue, turns on 45th street and Bluemound Road.

miller park-wikicommons

miller park-wikicommons

I like getting off at Robin Yount Drive before the descent into Menominee Valley. The slow stroll along the north parking lot is tailgater dome grills, lawn chairs, frisbee, beer, brats, and banter.

Miller Park disappears from view inside a short over pass tunnel and then there she is looking like a mix of Ebbet’s Field, European train station, and outer space insect.

And when I’m far away roaming Montreal in search of nothing in particular, that descent into the valley is with me like a lucky roll of will, urban design, and destiny turning my feet into a wild card compass; guiding me towards unexpected places.

It’s just an old baseball field on the north side of Mount Royal beside Bates street, but my mind slips into focus.

passageThe home run fence is equal in height from left field to right and equal in foliage hiding traces of an older identity. Only center field is metal and naked with clouds, sky, and horizon easily seen.

There’s a scoreboard in right center. Most of the bulbs for balls, strikes, and outs are missing. Five light towers hover over the field. There is something ethereal about baseball at night.

But there are no more games on this field. All the elements are free to fade away like a savage beach. The sun is out on this day and a family of four is playing. Dad is pitcher, mom catcher. Girl plays first base, boy bats. No one seems to know what day it is. Neither do I.

Delorimier Stadium leftovers-Jackie plaque

Delorimier Stadium leftovers-Jackie plaque

There are no ghosts on the base paths and no cleats crunching echoes on the asphalt, but I still wonder about kids from 1976 and their 7 inning game not being enough, hopping on sting ray bikes and riding east along Ducharme and north up St. Laurence  towards Jarry Park for a swim and the Expos hosting the San Diego Padres.

Or maybe it was 20 years earlier in 1956 and kids turned right on St. Laurent street and rode south and east towards Delorimier Stadium where the Montreal Royals were playing the Syracuse Chiefs and Jackie Robinson was at a second base or in the batter’s box adding to his .468 OB% that season, his only one in Montreal.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

5 thoughts on “the old baseball field montreal

  1. What a curious mixture of old and new. It made a very interesting post. I especially liked the pictures because they express perfectly what the words say. It may sound silly, but I can visualize a long line of baseball players, an infinite line of baseball players, handing off their bats, balls, and gloves to the next season’s players, and as they do, the items go from being used and worn, to shiny and new. Such a testimony to the enduring history of the game.

    • In Montreal, it’s the opposite with the baseball lineage severed and decay or soccer everywhere save a plaque or two about baseball, but like an abandoned jalope beside a country cabin, weeds plow through the floor board and there is new life. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Ah, 1976. I was 13 at the time. Some of my finest baseball feats ever unrecorded occurred back in those days. Wish I could have them back.

  3. “a mix of Ebbet’s Field, European train station, and outer space insect” – targeted like a drone.

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