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a little patron saint action


there’s a street named after robin yount
and a statue of him in front of miller park,
but robin wouldn’t know it.
he’s not on some exaggerated modesty trip.
he just doesn’t care.
he reminds me of billy two rivers.
maybe you saw  billy as a wrestler or in some native american movies.
i hung out with him on his porch in kahnawake.
he said people don’t get streets named after them in mohawk land.
actually, there are no street names at all.
he said it’s the “direction we go as collective people, not the individual.”

yahoo sports

yahoo sports

now if a baseball player says that,
you know like,
“i’m just dong what’s best for the team.”
critics call it cliché brainwash.

maybe robin yount is a mohawk or at least a catholic saint.
the other day he visited the brewers broadcast booth and
was asked why he never talked about  designing miller park’s outfield.
yount didn’t know why,
but he said he was partial to triples so
he asked the architects for some curvy extensions in the alleys.
the brewers lead the majors in triples this year with 36
and led the majors last year too.

robin yount is about nothing.
maybe he’s a buddhist.
no, he doesn’t need any labels.
even when nay sayers insist “the catch” was exaggerated showboating,
Yount says,
“maybe, but people remember milwaukee’s only no hitter”
and then he laughs.

if i were dying of thirst and broke at bar time,
i’d want Yount beside me at the rail.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “a little patron saint action

  1. I was a big fan of Billy Two Rivers when I was a kid. Just saying. Wrestling was on TV every Saturday afternoon, compered by Kent Walton.

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