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brewers 2013 report card A +


This is an easy class to pass. The same boring shit gets an F and any kind of surprises automatically earns an A +. In 2013, like any season, all 30 teams get an A +, even the Yankees who resurrected some SS Edmund Fitgeralds in Overbay, Wells, and Hafner.

I watch the Brewers when they suck, watch em’ when they’re good and I still don’t know what’s going on in a sabermetrics sort of way. I just wave my rabbit’s foot and hope for the best.

The Brewers pitching was supposed to be really bad. Besides Gallardo and Lohse, there was maybe Marco Estrada and then a bunch of boy scouts. It’s time now to recognize Estrada as a legitimate major league starter, maybe even a great one. It’s hard to imagine the effect his change-up has on batters, but the pathetic swings and misses are kind of revealing.

Wily Peralta was the only brewer pitcher to not miss a start.  He imploded early on and his stats bloated as a result, but he proved on numerous occasions to be more than a thrower. I’m looking forward to see him outsmart batters next season. He throws a very impressive slider and his change up will keep getting better. He also throws a fastball in the upper 90’s. Peralta is 25 years young.

Tyler Thornburg sucked at AAA (0-9 and a big fat ERA) and then he got called up because the Brewers had no other choice and well, he just keeps kicking ass. The trendy logic is that Lohse-the veteran transmitted his Dave Duncan Cardinal’s  wisdom onto Thornburg and the entire Brewers staff. I guess it’s a fair trade since the Brewers handed over John Axford to the Cardinals a few weeks ago.

The Brewers pitching staff has been well above average since the all-star break and after Tuesday’s ninth inning loss to the Braves, their won loss record during that time is 32-31. They’ve shut out those Braves-best record in the National League three out of five times this year. Call it anomaly. I call is ass kicking.

But who cares about winning. I guess those who never watch the games care the most. They get high off statistics and then write about them or criticize teams with bad stats. They’re criminals and they’re everywhere on the internet. It’s like a new race of sheep. But to each his own. I just shut them off, set up a lawn chair, turn on the TV and watch the Brewer’s game.

It’s been all kinds of entertaining circus this 157 game spring summer and fall, same as any team from day-to-day and there’s still 5 more games to play, but then this season will die because that’s what things do.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “brewers 2013 report card A +

  1. And thank you for the Gordon Lightfoot reprise.

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