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in the garden of nothing


I’ve walked through Hyde Park London in my day-dream and imagined its speaking corner and enjoyed a make-believe vision of the Tyburn gallows where people were hung to death for all to see. I’ve never been to England.

But I have walked through Washington Square Park in Manhattan. There’s a sort of speaking corner there as well and it’s located on the site of a former cemetery of yellow fever victims. I didn’t smell a thing.

The history comes from wikipedia. I gave up the walk to a library, the minimal research and potential life between the stacks and trusted the short cut instead and suffer my own electric hangman and yellow fever cemetery as a result .

I barely realize what is happening and have no clue as to the consequences. The world has been made safe for anti social behavior; for now anyway. But I’m clinging to the notion that social diseases move in orbits and a day will dawn when the bottle empties or fills to such an extreme that we will have no choice, but to smash the windows and escape.

Maybe we’ll look back at our former skin like parents looking at the fourth child; the one not glued to the blueprint of proper; the devious and wrong way one. Only the fourth is capable of bringing so much joy to the parents because he took them so low. And now he takes them so high.

There’s no science to this except for serotonin levels, stadium acoustics and the Seattle Seahawks football team. They won their first super bowl this past February and it was loud in Seattle.

In baseball, there are only two teams; the Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners who have never been in a World Series and three other teams that have been, but never won; The Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, and Colorado Rockies.

There’s too much happening in Washington D.C. The primal needs for drama, scandal, and poetry seem swallowed by politics and museums or maybe there’s simply too many other baseball teams in close proximity. I don’t know. I’ve never hung out there, but the riot potential seems higher in the other four cities.

Unfortunately, it’s the Nationals who appear to be the best team in baseball, on paper anyway. They added Doug Fister to a rotation that was already one of the best in baseball and the Mariners, well…

The last time Seattle was good, they were ridiculously good, going 116-46 in 2001. That was one of the best offensive teams in recent memory with A-rod, Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, John Olerud, Ichiro, Bret Boone, Mike Cameron. Jesus Chrysler, the team scored 937 runs with a .360 OB%. The all time record is the 1931 Yankees with 1,067. That’s freaking 6.9 runs per game over a 154 game season compared to the Mariners 5.8 in a 162 season.

The Mariners found some money this off-season and bought Robinson Cano for the price of a small country and Cano is letting his tycoon flag fly high. He suggested the Mariners resign switch hitter Kendry Morales and that they missed out on Nelson Cruz.

He has a point. The Mariners have no right-handed hitters. Cano also regrets the Mariners not signing Ubaldo Jimenez and suggests they sign Ervin Santana, but Mr. Cano is in a new neighborhood. Teams like Seattle don’t go on shopping sprees like the Yankees or if they do, it’s the big Cano and few fringe players like Corey Hart and Logan Morrison.

The small market Mariners wait for superstar pitching prospects like Taijun Walker to see if all the hype about his electric stuff really does dazzle batters in a King Felix manner.

Cano could have stayed in New York and reaped a huge harvest. Mariano Rivera retired last year. Jeter is doing the same. Cano chose the furthest reaches of the pacific northwest to start over.

Chief Seattle… Duwamish Tribe; a great leader and warrior, ambushing enemy raiders (more wikipedia). Chief Seattle… Jimi Hendrix; a great electric bluesman with a twist. And now Chief Seattle; land of 240 million dollar Cano; he who wanders away from legends and glory to where the risk of failure has never been so high.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

6 thoughts on “in the garden of nothing

  1. Who knows about the A.L. West these days? Seattle has as good a shot as the others, perhaps, and now, with two Wild Card teams, anything could happen. And if things go bad, he could jump over the Canadian border into Vancouver, which is where I’d like to spend my next life.

    • That A.L. West is something else. You’re right Bill. Seems so predictable in pre-season with Angels and Rangers and then so unpredictable when A’s keep winning with names no one knows or maybe they’ve been following the same winning pattern for enough years now to call it predictable?

      I like your Vancouver, but still prefer the four season climate shifts. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I live in one.

  2. A’s win the West in a landslide…we are LOADED!
    Nationals!? I still don’t get it…their best player Jason Werth”less.”

  3. You know what….maybe I’m biased, but I would take the A’s of 2006 with Zito, Mulder, Hudson, Rich Harden, Joe Blanton, Dan Haren, Justin Duchscherer,….
    I’m looking at the Nats pitching and I’m just not impressed. Gio is the obvious stud, yet Strasburg is put on the shelf before 200 innings and Fister…well, just kinda sucks.

    • What a chunk of Brew Crew arrived in the mail today. One of the all time great brewer mixes. I immediately reshuffled them and put Peralta on top. Thanks Gary!

      I’ll take that A’s 2006 staff, especially the duchser. He was a Whip machine for a while there.

      Hey, don’t forget about my wisconsin boy Jordan Zimmerman and yeh, Strasberg was put on the shelf before 200 innings, but that’s a was. Fister is a nose to the grindstone like Vukovich. Not the best stats, but knows how to pitch out of jams-keeps team in game.

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