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here comes the bride


Gallardo and Teheran echo in a mind. Sounds like a United Nations law firm, but it isn’t. It’s the names of two pitchers who will share the same mound Monday afternoon at Miller Park in Milwaukee; Gallardo a Milwaukee Brewer, Julio Teheran an Atlanta Brave.

It’s probably time to put away the pennants and baseball cards and books and press pause on the long winter night where imagination reigned and where there were no rules.

The gate is up and rules spread their wings in chalk up and down the right and left field lines. There is fair and foul now and instant replay playing final judge. The 25 man rosters are set; so are the opening day lineups. Gomez bats first; Segura second, then Braun and so on; the same for 29 other teams; just the names are different and yet 4,860 games will be played and each one will be unique.

digitalballparks-The Sicks demolition

digitalballparks-The Sicks demolition

Gallardo and Teheran is game one of 162 for players, peanut vendors, radio play by play, grounds crew, P.A. announcers, fans and all the rippling effects emptying from stadiums, bars, and tv dens. We all have our little rituals to perform; our disciplines to undertake and there’s no escaping the storm clouds waiting to destroy a player or entire team’s dream.

Sicks Stadium…home of the one year wonder Seattle Pilots serves as a reminder; both in name-Sick and legacy-here today and gone tomorrow. The photo is my pacemaker; keeps the heart ticking twilight; not too light, not too dark.

But for better or worse, the 6 month marriage begins in 52 hours.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “here comes the bride

  1. You have now got me combining trios of names from the England T20 squad into law firms. Kieswetter Buttler & Morgan. Curses!

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