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the windows were just tinted


We were gonna skip school or work and wonder how brains or God or whoever could squeeze all that blue sky, ash wood, cowhide, green grass, chalk dust and enthusiasm into a floating diamond of coordinated pinball players for nine innings or more?

The chains were gonna slip away like drunk snakes and we were gonna reach above the wall and sneak a peek; shape shift into drift wood and merge with a gush of melted mountain side snow; racing head first towards the ocean.

Elemental carbon was gonna be more than a periodical table. It was gonna spark more than flags and anthems and ego. We were going to look out at the sky; drunk on infinity.

But it wasn’t meant to be. I was sitting in the cafeteria break room at work instead. It was 2:45 PM in Montreal. My body seized control; turned my mind sober. Opening day was nothing but a rally flirt, just a game among 162; an exaggeration; a myth of Sisyphus and the world’s grimace tried to suck me in deeper.

But then an amazing thing happened. I received a jolt of something from somewhere and I began to see wills as big or small; not the check list wills of who wins our knickknacks when we die, but the will of courage. We are the chariot rider. We control the reigns. The horse-our emotions is at our mercy.

I became convinced that people can read these wills like braille without the bumps and fingers; more like mannerism detection; rewarding or punishing us accordingly.

My will must have been Polo Grounds big because no car, wheelchair, or pedestrian sign interrupted my locomotion. I made it home in 17 minutes flat; arriving at precisely 4:17 PM. It was the top of the sixth inning; Brewers leading the Braves 2-0.

I abandoned all discipline and vows and middle ways. They fell away like lizard’s skin. I resubscribed to the flirt and seduction of opening day; downed some metaphorical champagne and started feeling giddy. Gibraltar was no longer 90 feet away. I was there and a strange and wonderful thing happened.

It was only a damp, dark room and an arrangement of electrical pixels on a screen in the corner, but it did a convincing impersonation of Brandon Kintzler pitching the top of the seventh inning, Wil Smith in the eighth, and Francisco Rodriguez in the ninth.

Final score; Brewers 2, Braves 0. Gallardo-the winner over Teheran.  Milwaukee in first place with a 1-0 record, ahead of Pittsburgh and St. Louis who also won, but the M in Milwaukee is closer to A than P or S.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

7 thoughts on “the windows were just tinted

  1. Very poetically written. I enjoyed reading this.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Precious. Turned out to be a great opening day; for the Brewers anyway. An unexpected change in the bullpen left us scratching our heads, but in a good way. Former Royal Will Smith worked a 1-2-3 eight inning. Made Jason Hayward look real bad on one of his sliders-strike 3! I get the sense that Brewers and Royals enjoy trading with each other.

      Tough day for Aoki and tougher day for Royals bullpen, but Salvador’s performance had the announcers talking about an MVP type of year and why not. Looking forward to Ventura pitching tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be switching back and forth between Brewers and Royals.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta do it. Ditch work, school, whatever. You can’t be on the conveyor belt all the time, or you become one with the machine. No child grows up dreaming about that.

  3. Ughhh. I hate EVERYTHING about the Braves.

    • The extra innings package in canada doesn’t offer the home and away feed so it’s kind of random who we get. Last night was the Braves announcers.. I’ll give Chip Carry credit for being a tranquilizer without the side effects and Jason Heyward has to be one of the tallest lead off men in baseball history, but the Braves were stolen from Milwaukee, but then again the Brewers kinda stole the Pilots from Seattle. Some A’s on your way in the mail.

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