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Thirty teams.
Two leagues
Three divisions per league.
Five teams per division.

2 (3 x 5) =30.

Holy cow!  A formula. Major League Baseball is no longer odd. There’s been expansion, relocation, inter league play, and last season-realignment when the Houston Astros were switched from the NL Central to the AL West. There’s now 6 divisions; each with 5 teams.

The inter-league schedule is way more predictable as a result. Each team plays 20 inter-league games and all the games are against the same division. The Milwaukee Brewers get the AL Eastern division teams this year (5 teams…3 games each) with an additional 2 games against Toronto plus 3 games against their appointed geographic rival-The Minnesota Twins.

Now I’m dizzy from the thought of  Red Sox and Yankee batters working counts-fouling off pitches and driving Brewer pitchers crazy. Dizzy from the Orioles and Blue Jays offense, dizzy from Tampa Bay’s pitching.

Will this make the Brewer’s stronger or will it wear them down and make them sleepy when playing 76 games against teams in their division; teams like the Cardinals, Pirates and  Reds? Whatever, it’s the same for everyone now.

First up was the Red Sox home opener on Friday and the Brewers spoiled the World Series ring celebrations with a 6-2 win; scoring four runs in the top of the ninth.

Lyle Overbay snared two line drives with runners on base and he also drove in the go ahead runs in the ninth with a rope down the right field line.


estrada; a job well done (

Marco Estrada started for the Brewers and as usual, baffled batters with his change up. Even Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy took notice and so did David Ortiz who barked after swinging and missing at a 70 mph Estrada tease.

Jean Segura hit a ground ball over third base that rolled to the left field corner. He ended up with a freaking triple. I’ve never seen that at Fenway.  Triples only happen in right center field.

Khris Davis broke out of what Brewer fans were calling a slump. Can you suffer a slump after 3 games? Probably just panic, but understandable considering the Brewers traded Aoki and moved Braun to RF to make room for a guy who played 56 games last year. But Davis lined two balls off the Green Monster.

And Jonathan Lucroy hit a long towering home run over that Monster and another fly ball that ricocheted off its wall for a double. I love that wall; love the sound it makes, an industrial erector set sound with an echo, but it’s a tall wall-37 feet and 2 inches and Carlos Gomez hit one of his four singles off it. Woulda been a home run in most parks.

But I’m not complaining? There was a play at third base in the Brewers big ninth inning. Shhhh. Go away instant replay. It was a bunt by Scooter Gennet; a good bunt, but Khris Davis slid over the bag and Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks kept the tag applied. Davis was out, but the umpire called him safe. The Brewers went on to score four runs that inning.

Let the skies open and great luck rain down.

The Brewers space ship continues Saturday night in game 2 of the 3 game series against the Red Sox. The Brewers are 2-2.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

14 thoughts on “even steven

  1. I’m glad you beat the stinkin’ Sox.

    • Both telecasts were NESN Red Sox and not one detail about the Brewers was discussed except their aggressiveness at the plate; swinging at first pitches. Remy joked, “well, this team won’t be leading the league in walks.”

      It is such a rah rah Red Sox environment on air; the entire shebang with the world series flags, close up of the WS rings and talk of only Red Sox players. At least Ken Singleton on Yankee casts discusses the other team.

      Or maybe I do the same with the Brewers. Anyway, it was a sweet kick off to inter-league play.

  2. Aside from their usual match-ups vs. the Yanks, the Mets get the A.L. West this season. Gary, that means your boys and mine will be going head-to-head this year! Sonny Gray and Kazmir kind of scare me.

    • I’ve always liked the Mets! (although they are kind of boring now)…looking forward to it. Sonny Gray is an amazing specimen.

      • No doubt, the Mets are not a very exciting team right now. And yes, Sonny Gray is a stud.

        • When i watched the Mets Blue Jays at the Big O 10 days ago, I was thinking to myself..”jaun Lagares is reason enough to watch the Mets.” Throw in some fly ball pitchers and a big spacious park and this team is not boring. I suspect this is a case of Met’s fans greediness and Oakland A’s snobbery.. Of course, I’m only teasing, but not about Lagares. He turned my attention away from the pitcher and batter. I wanted to see that first step of his and perfect geometric angle he takes on balls.

  3. I do enjoy watching Legaras play. Unfortunately, he can’t be involved in every play, so we are also stuck watching a miserably poor shortstop, a barely adequate second baseman, and a bevy of first basemen, none of whom will make us forget Keith Hernandez. Some decent pitchers, though. Can’t wait until Matt Harvey comes back next season.

    • You got a point, but then again Kelly Leak took a stab at it in Bad News Bears. But seriously, I’m probably a bit spoiled as a Brewers fan. Doug Melvin continuously makes the most out of a low budget situation. The Mets, on the other hand, as you have pointed in posts, lack vision and sound judgment when putting together a roster. But the pitching looks good if not great when Harvey returns. In the interim, if Chris Young can stay healthy, I think the Mets outfield defense will win a surprising number of games or at least save a whole bunch of runs.

      As far as Keith Hernandez, that’s going back 25 years since he’s been a Met. He’ll never be replaced, but Magadan, Eddie Murray, and Rico Brogna, Olerud, Todd Zeile, Mo Vaughn, Carlos Delgado. If you add all the numbers up over the years, the production has been above average.

      There’s no denying the all around amazing play of Hernandez; his glove work and on base percentage and what I would guess was a very high pitches per at bat ratio, plus his great personality, but at the same time he didn’t hit many home runs as a fist baseman and that’s maybe what keeps him out of the hall of fame.

      As far 2014, maybe they could play with 6 infielders and let Eric or Chris Young and Legares man the outfield.

  4. Just glad you didn’t include Willie Montanez among the first baseman you listed. No doubt the lack of homers hurt Hernandez chances at The Hall, but not many players in the mid-’80’s were big-time boppers, compared to what came along a decade later. John Olerud was always very underrated, even among Mets fans.

    • Makes George Foster really stick out and Cecil Fielder too. And Ichiro more recently in the opposite way. Must a been a bummer to get Foster at the last half of his career in New York, but it wasn’t like the Mets gave up too much to get him. I guess Foster was never the typical HR hitter; didn’t walk that much and was toothpick skinny. I just remember the bare hands and black bat, but as a Met he was barely above average.

      Ya know, I never really understood the obsession over a first baseman having to hit home runs. Of course, it always hinges on what kind of lineup surrounds him and looking back at some of the Hernandez Mets teams, maybe it wasn’t necessary. I don’t know how Hernandez ranks compared to other first baseman in terms of overall production, but maybe the Hall is overly obsessed by home runs?

      Now I’m curious to know what HOF 1B has the fewest homers. Maybe you covered this already in one of your posts?

      • Just did a little research, and as far as I can tell, only ten of the 19 first basemen in The Hall even topped 300 homers. Frank Chance hit just 20, but he played in the Deadball era. There are around 8 guys with fewer than 200. Clearly, it was not always an expectation that for a first baseman to get into The Hall, he needed to have hit a lot of homers. Among first basemen already in the HOF, Bill Terry seems to be Keith’s closest comp.

        • So in terms of WAR and other stats that are now considered a good barometer of a player’s production, do you think Hernandez should be in the Hall of Fame?

          One thing I can say with sort of certainty. I’d be surprised if there was a better defensive first baseman than him.

  5. Steve, I guess it depends on if you like a “Small Hall” or a “Big Hall.” I’m a “Big Hall” man myself, so yeah, for me, he’s a HOF’er. I’d also lean toward inducting Will Clark, too.

    • If big means more, I’m hopping on board. Same with extra innings and instant replays. If it make the games longer, I’m all for it. Turn 3 day trips to Cooperstown into 10 days.

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