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No lizards sprinting a Carlos Gomez across  burnt grass; no Florida vacation but it was humid again Saturday afternoon. The sky looked like it does at the Angel Fish Inn-Hollywood, FL, but the avenue didn’t. Montreal quickly becomes a strip tease after so many months wearing feathers.

The violet bulbs on branches exploding  into green spider leaves and people mimicking the change followed by umbrella drinks and life on the terrace after work; loitering on the branches until the first freeze.

I don’t make a habit of talisman and rabbit’s foot, but I am a fan and respect the root of the word; fanaticism and its tree roots back to the Latin fanaticus; mad, enthusiastic, inspired by God. Also feast among the zealous adherents to non conformity. Maybe fancy too. Fancy a game of pickle?

Latin spilled down Roman Roads and religious revolt I imagine; eventually echoing the planks of la nina, pinta, and santa maria. Crazy freaks with nothing to lose, always desperate for change. I’ve stuffed Brewers paraphernalia into hebrew prayer books at Montreal synagogues.

mark parisi

mark parisi

And with that in mind, I called my 60 dollar Yoda Saturday morning. Vu Zhang had an opening at 11:30 AM. She sticks needles in my legs,arms and chest. Then she  flicks each one and says, “Relax. I come back in 50 minutes.” I trust her and the electric acupuncture currents she learned to throw.

Yesterday, I day dreamed of porches and thought about Rickie Weeks and his .473 career batting average at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The highest in NCAA history.

I like acupuncture. The effect is subtle. I travel back in time, remembering moments buried somewhere in me; convinced the electric stimulation activates memories or maybe it’s all in my head. Either way, I relax and let the clouds pass through me. Some are thoughts and some are flashes.

I had a flash yesterday; a Brewers flash and I knew with a big inner smile that electric currents coupled with my fanaticism were loosening Brewer hips and syncing them with swings. I enjoy my delusions. The flashes come in spurts without any thought, but baseball flashes bring names and a few specifics. I go with the flow.

new bernie; wikipedia

new bernie; wikipedia

Carlos Gomez will hit two homeruns Jonathan Lucroy one, and Khris Davis another. Bernie Brewer will slide down the chute, setting free balloons. He won’t arrive in a beer mug like the old days, but oh well. CC Sabathia will be sent to the showers before the 6th inning. The Brewers are gonna score 7 runs making Lohse a winner again. Series will be tied with the Yankees.

old bernie,

old bernie,

The wind was large when I exited Vu Zhang’s office. There was a protest march along Rene Levesque street. Her humble  headquarters are located a block away from the bus station and Hotel la belle; 30 bucks and poppers paradise, prostitutes and beggars, backpacks, The smell of piss; new flower beds. The National library sits across the street and so do pizza joints; slices for 1.50.

I could set up a shack and lawn chair and never move from the spot. I see my reflection everywhere and know my past is marrow stashed in my spine forever or until my bones are absorbed back into earth.

The day got progressively worse. I picked up frozen Stromboli’s Pizza; on sale for 3.00, but more because it’s good or been good. Not Saturday. The cheese was covered with ice and it didn’t really melt. It stayed stiff and in clumps; tasted rancid. Rotten cows on my upper lip all the way to first pitch 7 PM.

CC Sabbathia’s return to Milwaukee was a big deal. . He only pitched 3 months for the Brewers and yet, Milwaukee fans gave him a standing ovation on the mound and when he stepped to the plate.

I was pinching myself in the first inning because Gomez led off the game with a home run. And in the third inning, Lucroy hit a 2 run home run and Aramis Ramirez followed with a solo bomb…a big blast carrying the weight of his colossal slump into orbit.

Khris Davis didn’t hit a home run. Gomez didn’t hit two. The Brewers didn’t socre 7 runs. I was wrong about all that, but Sabbathia was gone before the 6th inning and as superficial and lucky as my prediction flash was…a veritable fluke, I enjoyed the flighty feeling. The Yankees crawled back into the game, but the  Brewers scored a run in the seventh to take a 5-4 lead. Lohse did get the win; K-Rod his 15th save.

The Brewers are 23-14.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

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  1. Any Yankee loss is a good loss.

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