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a bullpen, dugout or tv sofa nest to me


broken bats

broken bats

There’s a  weed outside my bathroom window and it looks like a plant. My neighbor says it’s poisonous. I don’t know about that, but I’m not about to grab a leaf and chew to find out.There’s nothing there all winter and then in late April, it starts happening again and now I see the weed every time I take a shower.

By August the stem is more like a mini trunk and wild green fills the space.The same cycle has been happening since I moved here 5 years ago. That’s a big enough sample size proof to draw some conclusions.

I don’t have any yet, but it’s there again growing this year just like it did last year and the year before and before and before and maybe that’s the proof. It looks different every year.

I watched the documentary “Gimme Shelter “again yesterday. It’s been a while and I wanted to see Jerry Garcia’s face after hearing of the horror going on at the Altamont Speedway and deciding in the simplest, softest way that it’s not cool and turning around and heading back to San Francisco.

But it was Keith Richards who I noticed; kicking back in the studio with Rolling Stone’s band members that caught my attention; his eyes closed, snake skin boots tapping to Wild Horses. It was written by Jagger and Richards and drummer Charlie Watts with his straight cynical looking jaw seemed pleased as well.

And it was Jagger who I noticed this time and the way the video seems to subtly pin him as the MC of the Hell’s Angels teeing off on people’s heads. I forgot about the green suit worn by Meredith Hunter and the long-barreled black revolver he supposedly waved in the air getting him stabbed and trampled to death by Hell’s Angels.

Meredith Hunter, wikipedia

Meredith Hunter, wikipedia

People were wasted in a way I had never seen before. The LSD must have been tainted or too powerful. The Hell’s Angels were hired to sit on the edge of the stage and keep people off. They were paid in beer. It was a recipe for disaster.

A wonderful obsession of conspiracy swirls from the events at Altamont. It was a free concert. That makes it all even stranger. Rock promoters had no incentive to overlook security concerns. It’s all very disturbing; no scene not tainted with light and dark. Jagger poked his head out of the trailer before the show…

“The concert’s an excuse I think for everyone to have a good time; the proscenium of a theater to get together, talk to each other, sleep with each other, hold each other, get really stoned and have a  nice night out and a good day. It’s not just seeing the grateful airplane and rolling dead.” 

The media laughed.

Jagger slips into raptures during the concert; does some wacky strut and contortions of his body. A Jaggerian seizure. He was somewhere else during “sympathy for the devil.”

I thought about Meredith Hunter’s high and losing control at Altamont and getting stabbed and killed, about his previous run ins with Hell’s Angles and people swearing he had murder in his amphetamine eyes. Allan Passaro-The Angel’s member charged with killing Merdeith out of apparent “self defense” drowned in 1985 under “mysterious circumstances.”

But there were four babies born at the concert.The video ends at the beginning. Fans hoofing up and over hills; picnic basket, blankets and smiles in pursuit of the concert and a home. Gimme Shelter plays as the credits roll.

Meanwhile back in today, the pollen was raining from bushes and covering the earth and smelling good. I stopped on the sidewalk as Orthodox Jewish families passed me with children in tow. I forgot it was Yizkor-day of remembering departed loved ones. Remembering Meredith Hunter and Allan Passaro and Grace Slick saying to the Altamont crowd;”both sides are fucking up. Let’s stop fucking up!”

I looked up at the wall of an apartment complex. Two circular cables swirling around like lasso eyes with cords stretching in both directions; one towards the trees and across the street and the one buzz world and the other swallowed by a silver box mother board.

broken bats

broken bats

There was no baseball game December 6, 1969-Altamont day. It was winter, but there was a trade the following day. The Milwaukee Brewers sent Ray Oyler and Diego Segui to Oakland for Ted Kubiak and George Lauzerique. The trade is listed as the Milwaukee Brewers, but they were still the Seattle Pilots at the time.

Altamont was disturbing. I can only ride this ship so long. The life of a rock and roll tour is beyond belief. Gimme baseball shelter.I crawled back into my cubbyhole.

The Brewers in Minnesota at Target Field for game 4 of a home and away series with the Twins. My new hero Oswaldo Arcia launched a grand slam- his second homer in as many days and the Twins celebrated like it was game 7 of the world series, but it was only the third inning.

Carlos Gomez launched a 3-run blast to dead center a half inning later. Khris Davis added a 2-run opposite field home run in the 6th. Lucroy launched another 2 run big fly in the ninth. Final score, Brewers 8, Twins 5.

The Brewers are 36-25.




Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

6 thoughts on “a bullpen, dugout or tv sofa nest to me

  1. That was a great documentary…I’m going to have to go back and watch it again. Might feel different to me now after 10 years.

    Speaking of George Lauzerique….does anyone know this man’s address? I need his ‘graph to complete my 1969 set and he seemingly has fell off the face of the earth.

    • A George Lauzerique riff!!!! Gary, the way you create a universe of autographs is one of those beautiful things to me. Continuously makes my days! I wonder if Brewers announcer Bill Shroeder could help track him down. He runs the Brewer fantasy camps and oldies make cameos each year. Shroeder played on the Brewers in the 80’s and we’re talking 10 years earlier, but he’s an approachable dude who has Brewer contacts past and present. I’ll try and find his email and send him a question. I think he’ll welcome the inquiry. It’s not every day someone asks about the whereabouts about George Lauzerique.

      It is a great documentary and leaves me wondering heavy about more than the tragic worldly events that went down there. The camera angles and what was inserted and what was removed and the timing of songs raises it up to the Zeppelin line in Battle of Evermore; “The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know.”

  2. Actually, methinks I shall go back to the beginning and produce a graph about the Brewers.

    • I can never be sure, but what you’ve said is similar to what one of my longest lasting friends reminds me when i drift off baseball course. he says and i quote him “Turn your brim around backside of course, or you’ll lose that Brewer Pepsi fanclub hat to the devil and the deep blue sea” and you’ve said that wonderful word…Brewers. Thank you Marie.

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