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 North East Lincolnshire Museum Service

North East Lincolnshire Museum

The special education section of our elementary school was not special. It wasn’t an isolated chamber in the dungeon of an old red brick building.

Richard Haney wore braces and contorted his hands and moaned and drooled among all of us. Darrin walked in winter jacket and sand knit cap in 70 degree weather mumbling in Tourette spurts. Laura made imaginary brownies on the recess steps and we ate those imaginary brownies; all of us a syndrome.

The special ed was no experiment; just the way it was in the late 1970’s fusion and it was so attractive that some of us pretended. We wanted to be part of Mrs. Vann’s special education class and walk beside her long wavy beautiful brown hair to the Lake Michigan savage beach; to be outside and strum guitars and paint with our hands; the universe our classroom.

But we couldn’t trick the system and were stuck in hot, humid rooms without AC and desks facing front in frightening obedience. But we wore t-shirts and long hair and I was free to wear a Houston Astros hat and so I did and it was always a good time to be an Astro fan, even in Milwaukee.

Those Astros and stars and celestial objects floating in a place without atmospheres; no delusions thinking the universe was anything but black and beautiful; absorbing every color in the spectrum. 

Lake Michigan; wikipedia

Lake Michigan; wikipedia

I don’t remember the last time Houston didn’t have the worst record in baseball let alone a better record than Tampa Bay, Boston, and Philadelphia, but it’s true, 70 games into the 2014 season anyway.

Houston has turned a page past the worst chapter in its franchise history; those three consecutive 100 loss seasons just about forgotten now and the ship or canoe making its way through the bog.

But there was no bog; just a fallow field as the crops took root and developed and now; an ochre faze harvest. Astro will no longer be slipped into the course of conversation in conjunction with pathetic

George Springer wears the face and has plenty of class. If he were in New York, they’d be talking of torches being passed from Jeter. Jose Altuve stands 5’6″ and leads the majors with 88 hits.

The Astros shared the same division with the Brewers for more than a decade, but there was never any conflict of interest; no bad blood and anyway, when the Astros were good, the Brewers were not. 

The Brewers were the first team in baseball history to switch leagues. That was 1998 when they went from the AL Central to the NL Central. The Astros became the second team when they jumped from that same NL Central to the AL West last season.

Homerun apple; wikipedia

Homerun apple; wikipedia

The Brewers are in New York; a three game series with the Mets and it’s not Shea Stadium, but the home run apple was brought to Citi Field. It still bobs when the long ball deed is done and all the memories soar; my favorite not at Shea but in the Astrodome; game 6 of the 1986 NLCS; a 16 inning marathon won by the Mets and Jesse Orosco; his third win in 6 games.

The Mets hold a wonderful distinction; a fireman blanket to cushion the fall felt by Brooklyn Dodger fans after fleeing to Los Angeles in 1958. The Mets were born in 1962 before the seven-year itch ran its course. They remain the only team to rise so fast from expansion dregs to WS champs.

Yeh, the Diamondbacks and Marlins were quicker to the chase, but they won when million dollar free agent contracts were the norm. The Mets won before free agency existed. .

Marco Estrada was on the mound to face the Mets Tuesday night. He is my Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde patron saint of bipolar and over achievers; way more of a miracle than the 1969 Mets who wear that miracle name despite having a future hall of fame pitcher-Tom Seaver as its ace, Jerry Koosman, and a young Nolan Ryan in the bullpen..

Marco throws 89 mph slow, but tricks with a 73 mph change up. He’s my favorite. Been Getting me high since the Brewers claimed him off waivers a few years ago. He’s already served up 18 gopher balls this year, but only 65 hits in 73 innings and almost a strikeout per inning. He’s struggled over his last four outings getting behind batters. That’s when bad things happen.

Citi Field spaciousness was made for Marco the fly ball pitcher, but the Mets know how to work a walk. First batter Reuben Tejada worked the count and hit a microcosm of the entire game; a deep fly to the wall caught by Khris Davis. You can’t hit a ball any harder, but Citi Field knocks down balls. I don’t know why. Yeh, it’s 398 in deep right center, but we’re not talking the Polo Grounds. 

Marco slipped into the old groove; getting ahead of batters and putting them away with K’s or front foot fly ball outs. But the demon lurked in the third inning. Two outs and two strikes on Reuben Tejada and three consecutive border line balls. Kudos to Tejada. He worked a walk and the next batter-Daniel Murphy, again with two strikes, hit a line drive homerun just over the right field wall. Number 19 off Estrada. 2-0 Mets.

And then in the 6th with two outs, Marco nibbling corners again, walks the bases loaded. Two strikes on recently called up catcher Taylor Teagarden and bam!, line drive over the right field wall again, a grand salami; homer number 20 off Estrada. 6-1 Mets.

The Brewers never could bunch hits of Daisuke Matsuzaka. Final Score; 6-2.

The Brewers are 38-27


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

11 thoughts on “tree of repotted life

  1. For many Mets fans right now, Danny Murphy is the one position-player who always seems to be in the thick of things. David Wright seems to be settling for a C+ this year, turning his homework in on pages torn raggedly and last minute from a spiral notebook borrowed from his kid-sister. 398 to right-center, and they’ve actually pulled the fences in since the place was built.

    • i guess when you’re hitting .305 and the rest of the team is hitting .234, “in the thick of things” tends to happen. As far as captain America David Isles of Wright, there is still the ugly august humidity in New York, but maybe that slows balls down even more.

      Good to see my boy Ruben Tejada batting lead off for 1st time in maybe his career last night. He’s got some patience up there or maybe he just knows he can’t hit. Either way, he gets on base.

      • David Isles of Wright. Like that one.
        I do believe Tejada is under orders to swing the bat no more than once a week, thus a .229 batting average becomes a nifty .348 on-base percentage. Meanwhile, he’s still on pace to score fewer than 40 runs this year.

        • but wait, if the mets raise their team average to .240 and Ruben stays in the lead off spot, he could crack 35 by the all star break.

          • As long as he doesn’t try swinging that pesky bat!

            • sounds like another case of the Yuni bomber blues you got there, the yuni betancourt blues.

              we got hit with that two times. that be why segura be the shaman to us brewer fans. he could hit.188 and we wouldn’t care. i’ll take his range over anything the yuni bomber did.

  2. While you were wearing the Astros hat to school, I was wearing my Mets hat and had been since the late 60’s. They’re my team from childhood, although I watch more Braves games now because my sister changed allegiances after moving south.

    For us, though, it’ll (see, I can’t say it) always be Not-Shea. Too many hours logged in the box seats behind the third base line at Shea to replace the wonders of those days with some corporate built stadium. Silly girl that I am, from the live organ music of Jane Jarvis, to the discovery that Jim Fregosi smoked in the dugout, to Willie Mays night, Shea will always have my heart.

    • It takes a childhood to have those kinds of memories. Thank you for sharing those. I relate to that with County Stadium. It won’t matter what happens at Miller Park. County Stadium is my childhood like Shea is to you. Neither can ever be replaced. And those Shea planes overhead always struck me as so unique, annoying maybe, but unique.

    • I’m with you on this. Shea Stadium will always be the “true” home of the Mets. It’s where I saw my first baseball game back in 1974.

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