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the day after a bench clearing brawl


Saturday was a day to remember or forget. This blog lost one of its regular visitors, but hopefully Gary Trujillo of Coco Crisps Afro will return. I played a role in this happening and feel like I put a wrench in his freedom of speech spokes. I feel like umpire Angel Hernandez and that ‘s never good.

It’s not the first time there’s been a bench clearing brawl at Broken Bats, but I do hope it’s the last. Only Gary and I were involved, but there was a lot said so it feels like the bullpens emptied.

sheffI previously had to ask someone else to no longer comment because they were verbally attacking one of the other visitors to this site. Gary didn’t do that. He simply said in regards to Gary Sheffield something to the effect of  ”would anyone really care if he (Gary Sheffield) died.”

I gulped because in my own life, I would never say that and if someone else did, I would walk away. I probably should have done the same on the blog and let Gary express himself, but I didn’t. I suggested maybe he shouldn’t comment here anymore or if he does to keep the comments about death far away. That didn’t go over very well. Gary replied with more freedom of expression and what he said hurt, but it is what it is.  The thread can be read on yesterday’s post.

Gomez and Snider;

If you’re reading this Gary. I hope you return and would like to dedicate this post to you and  in the process channel the memory of Carlos Gomez and Travis Snider. The two were involved in a Brawl earlier this year and punches were thrown. The Brewers and Pirates met a few weeks later in Milwaukee and Gomez and Snider bumped into each other at a steak joint. They shook hands and apologized. I extend my hand to you Gary and do the same.

I’m amazed how much a virtual blog can affect me. Gary was an important contributor to this blog and my development as a writer. He will be missed.

I went to the FrancoFollies music celebration last night with my friend and her mom and I was not really there. I was thinking about the blog and about Gary and wondering if maybe I should have said nothing and let freedom of speech have its day. If I could do it all over again, I would simply not reply, but what’s done is done.

Meanwhile, my friend appreciated that I went to the concert despite me not really being there. The singer-Mark Dupré is heavily influenced by Corey Hart, not my favorite kind of  music, but I went for her and she was grateful for my sacrifice and after the show said,  ”let’s go to Loco Locass next week.”

Loco Locass is a Quebec French Speaking hip hop rap band for lack of a better description. I feel like a hypocrite saying so because I had been talking to Gary about labels like Punk and artist being weak descriptions; shortcuts and that I strived for details and imagery to better describe something and here I go and say hip hop and rap. I’ll just post a video and let you hear for yourself.

Well, Gary replied earlier this morning and his words hurt, but he is right about me being long-winded and being an amateur writer. I hope to be less long-winded and one day get published.

Josh Donaldson

I wish Gary well and hope he returns, but if he doesn’t, here’s the link to his interesting baseball blog. He’s a talented writer with a very different angle on baseball and a very sharp edge. Posts sometimes include literary references that I have never heard before. Great writing and good schooling.

Gary is a devoted Oakland A’s fan and a damn good interviewer. He has managed to track down a number of former Oakland players and let them speak their mind. I should have done the same with Gary. Who knows. Maybe I’ll interview Gary here on Broken Bats after the Gomez Snider apology. I hope so. I wish you all the best Gary and now back to regularly scheduled programing.

The concert didn’t finish until 11PM so I missed the entire Brewer’s game. But what great news after such a mental torment day. The Brewers won 4-2 in game 2 of their series against the Cincinnati Reds.

The Brewers are 41-28

The title of the song by Loco Locass-M’accrocher? translates as Hanging on? An attempt at the full translation is here. It seem appropriate considering what happened yesterday with Gary and I in the context of Sheffield. One minute into the song…..

Comme mon ami mort en moto-Just like my friend who died in a motorcycle accident
Une statistique pathétique-A pathetic statistic
Dans une chronique nécrologique-In a newspaper obituary
Un québécois de plus en moins-One more Quebecois gone
Ça ferais-tu de quoi à quelqu’un-Would it even bother anyone?


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

5 thoughts on “the day after a bench clearing brawl

  1. Hope you two work it out. Enjoy reading both your spots.

  2. Yes, hope it gets worked out and that Gary comes back here to join the conversation.

    With the exception of yesterday, I enjoy the conversations between you, Gary and William. You are all amazingly up on your baseball history and stats.

    I know the feeling though, of not letting go of something and having it blow up in my face, and sometimes I really need to temper my desire to be right over someone elses opinion!

    Yes, you must have been channeling Angel Hernandez 🙂

    • That’s exactly it Debra. I couldn’t let go and then it blew up. I take responsibility for yesterday’s mess up. . Thanks for sharing the understanding. Hopefully, we can move on with Gary back in te conversation.

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