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and then it happened or maybe it didn’t


It was the top of the eighth inning, Brewers trailing the Reds 5-4, the season still very much a child, only 70 games in, but enough winning has happened to expect a rally and trust the pitching will keep the game close.

It’s taken each and every game to build up this kind of confidence The apples looking like rubies on the branches. Rob Wooten on the mound in relief of the Brewer’s Marco Estrada. The King of surrendering home runs-Estrada served up three more to solidify his dubious distinction; 23 gophers in 84 innings, but the Brewers were still in the game.

Wooten gave up a hit and then another, another  and so on, six consecutive singles. Five earned runs. Reds win 13-4 and take the series 2 games to 1.

Just like that…in less than 48 hours, the apples on that trees begin to brown. Winning is easy street. It’s when batted balls of the opposition find holes and lady luck turns….that’s when the struggle begins. 

This is one of many turning points in a long season. The Brewers head west to play Arizona and Colorado and I feel good about this. I’d rather lose 13-4. It’s easier to forget than a 3-2 loss decided on a defensive play or bad call or whatever.

The amazing 162 game season has this capacity to shed its skin over and over and over. The Brewers are 41-29.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “and then it happened or maybe it didn’t

  1. Yeah, I agree, especially after watching the Braves experience both situations this weekend. Their loss to the Angels on Saturday night was pathetic! After tying the game at 5-5, and again at 6-6, they completely blow the game losing 11-6. But, the 1-run losses are always hard to take.

    Baseball is a game of patience and makes me a bit superstitious, but judging by the behavior of some of the players, that’s not uncommon.

    • Life is well,…here today and then gone in a flash. We lose loved ones. There’s no wit or word to say. It just hurts and it makes superstitions to prolong our time here almost seem logical. I think it’s ok to pray or rub rabbits feet for a baseball at bat or game or team and their season.

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