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The FCC set new and improved rules for closed captioning a few months ago; “must be accurate, synchronized with spoken words, complete, and properly placed.”

Their Website describes the service as “allowing persons with hearing disabilities to have access to television programming” and goes on to say that “English language captions improve comprehension and improve literacy skills.”

CC blooper;

CC blooper;

A paradise for literary baseball junkies? The CC icon sits on the bottom of the screen. It’s not available for radio transmission. I had never tried it and then it happened on Sunday. I was watching the Rockies Brewers game on a friend’s laptop and must have scrolled over the CC.

An airplane banner of words flashed across the screen. That’s when I remembered the transcript of Vin Scully calling the last inning of a Koufax no-hitter; reprinted verbatim in The Baseball  Reader compilation book. Reading that was a different experience than hearing it.

Someone actually sits behind a keyboard and types the dialogue of a baseball broadcast word for word? Or does a compute process the sounds and spit out words? It doesn’t matter. The fact is every word spoken during a game is available in the flesh.

A baseball broadcast features the painting of action, great insights, stories, comedy, entertaining dialogue, guest appearances and depending on the score and time of day or night, well…just about anything.

A binder of all 162 Brewer games as a literary transcript companion sitting on a book shelf! The words and back and forth banter between Brain Anderson and Bill Shroeder! I spend as much time listening to them as anyone else; fictional friends, but real. They do all the talking maybe like characters in a book or movie. A new kind of non fiction or maybe an old one. 



Maybe like reading Thomas Wolfe’s Electric Kool Aid Acid Test with baseball replacing the cool and aid, but the dialogue just as spontaneous and real rather than contrived and forced. The transcript probably sounds like a well crafted script but it isn’t. It’s just reality maybe being more fantastic and wild than fiction.

If obscure references were made; like say all time Brewer knuckleball pitchers; italicized details could be inserted like player profiles of Steve Sparks pitching for 8 teams and stretching his career all the way to 40 years old and he’s now radio color man for the Astros.

I wonder if transcripts have ever been available to baseball fans before? There was a time when messages were sent in coded language by telephone or telegraph and a guy recreated the game with embellishment and sound effects. It probably resembled a box score with simple explanations like “single between first and second” and the announcer translated the code into color…

“second baseman ranges to his right and lays flat like a pancake. The ball ice cream cones off the tip of the webbing and rolls into right field for a single There’s one out and Darian Stocker coming to the plate. The kid from Boise, Idaho looking to make a name for himself. Just called up from AAA..” and then some contrived crowd cheers.

The networks probably have a copy of every regular season transcript. There’s that blurb before or after every game…”Any reproduction of the blah blah without the express written consent of MLB is prohibited.” But this would be for home use only; no intent to distribute. I wonder if it’s possible to print the entire script onto paper?

The Brewers returned home to face the Washington Nationals; team with the lowest ERA in all of baseball at 3.00 and after Monday night, it got even lower. It was a good game to experiment with subtitles.

gio speak;

gio speak;

Gio Gonzalez was on the mound for the Nats and I’d like to get a transcript of Gio. I’ve never seen any pitcher talk to himself more throughout the game. He does more than occasionally mumble. It’s a continuous monologue before and after every pitch with fully accentuated facial muscles.

Gio was making his first start after a should injury and he was dominant; 3 hits in 6 innings and the Nats bullpen was even better; snuffing out all nine batters they faced.

Matt Garza was Gio’s opponent and he makes me nervous. You never know which Garza will appear from inning to inning; the batting practice pitcher who gets shelled or the guy who strikes out the side.

Second inning. Bases loaded, nobody out and Garza strikes out two and gets a ground ball for the third out. No runs. Two more hits in the third inning followed by a long home run by Adam LaRoche. End of the scoring. Final Score; Nats 3, Brewers 0.

The Brewers are 47-31.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

9 thoughts on “never enough baseball books

  1. Man, for some reason I’d never really thought of the fact that transcripts of the play-by-play and color commentary might be sitting in binders somewhere all these years. Future historians will probably find them in old pottery jars in a cave in the California desert, and they’ll transform their understanding of our era like the Dead Sea Scrolls, or like these:

    Good stuff,

    • i was listening to Red Barber call the first african american pitcher as a starter-Dan Bankhead. I forget who the Dodgers were playing, but it was 1950 and every five minutes Barber read a promo about Post cereal. Musta been the craze back then

      • Great bit of trivia there. Never knew that Bankhead was the first black starting pitcher. Weird that I’d never heard that before.

        • i think he was the first reliever too during the previous year. Kind of strange because he wasn’t a pitcher in the Negro Leagues or maybe he was, but he also played somewhere in the field. Maybe Negro League players did more pitch and play another position.

  2. With the Brewers winning streak, and all around great season so far, I thought for sure they’d beat up on those nasty Nats, and help the Braves gain some ground back. Nope, nothing can help the Braves right now, except the day off I suppose. 🙂

    • it doesn’t get any easier tonight with Wisconsin native Jordan Zimmerman on the mound, That Nats bullpen is kind of deep too. Gotta get em early

  3. I’m thinking that they’re like the court stenographers in old b/w ‘Perry Mason’ adventures, sitting there unobtrusively tapping their fingers on a tiny keyboard, maybe using abbreviations for common words – “hus d gy on 3rd bse?” and so on.

    Meanwhile, England v Sri Lanka:
    1st Test, England just missed winning with the last ball, match drawn.
    2nd Test, Sri Lanka won with the last ball, and took the 2-match series 1-0.
    That’s the first time I have ever known two consecutive Test Matches in any series to have been decided on the last ball. Excitement, but of course disappointment for England fans, who saw a terrible batting collapse.

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