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Babe Ruth and 15 more syllables


The Meiji period in Japan. How did I get there? Oh yeh, Masaoka Shiki. He was born in 1867, one year before the Meiji-enlightened rule began and feudal society crumbled. The Industrial revolution happened. Doors to the west opened. The hokka became the haiku. Expatriate and educator Horace Wilson introduced baseball to Japan..

Shiki; wikipedia

Shiki; wikipedia

Masaoka Shiki is considered to be the fourth of the haiku masters; after Bashō, Buson, and Issa. That’s what wikipedia says anyway. The 17 syllable thingamadjegee was always called a hokka and then Shiki came along and changed the name to haiku.

I don’t know why he changed the name, but no one seemed to disagree. He also played baseball in high school and never kicked the habit. He was the first to merge haiku and baseball and was enshrined in the Japanese baseball Hall of Fame for spreading the sport throughout Japan.

spring breeze
this grassy field makes me
want to play catch
——Masaoka Shiki

People say things like that all the time; in the flow of everyday conversation, not so much about baseball, but I bet Masaoka Shiki would be smiling. I guess Haiku is a language and everyone speaks it and some people write them down.  

There was probably a haiku or two in last night’s Red Brewers game; probably a scientific formula, essay, novel, and a million other everythings too; probably a few beers and nothing really at all.

Billy Hamilton hit a two run home run. He now has 5 on the year; three of them against the Brewers. He’s not supposed to do that. He’s supposed to steal 100 bases. He also made a leaping catch at the wall on a ball hit by Ryan Braun.

Every seat at Great American Ballpark was taken. Fourth of July fireworks after the game.

The Brewers have lost four in a row and Kyle Lohse has suffered misplaced pitches for two consecutive starts. The Brewers are 51-36 and ready to make a trade.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

5 thoughts on “Babe Ruth and 15 more syllables

  1. Horsehide and Haiku—who saw that combination coming? An enlightening post for sure. Thanks.

  2. In my youth, when I still played baseball regularly, the biggest conflict I had in watching my beloved Mets, was the desire to go out and throw the baseball. It’s hard to explain that urge to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. Masaoka Shiki’s haiku says it all.

    As for winning and losing streaks, they sure to take us a for a ride. Braves are riding high on an 8-game hitting streak, even BJ Upton is getting hits! And all of this without Gattis! Who knows what to make of it? My sister and I are simply enjoying the heck out of it, because you know the tide will turn.

    Happy 4th Steve!

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