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and so it goes


The full moon is a xanax poking above the red brick; to the kid I’m thinking about anyway. He doesn’t see the fishing line yanking one of momma’s “attitude adjusters” across the sky, but believes in Godzilla special effects anyway and strays beyond the sand box and backyard fence; looks up from time to time and then down.

He spots a squirrel in the curb beside a sewer and it’s bloody and getting feasted on by a swarm of flies. He notices the crusted fur and stiff jaw more than anything else. He does like John Wayne and falls drunk off his horse. “This is where we’ll camp.”

He sits across the street, beside a tree and watches the squirrel not moving. He squeezes a night of fire under the stars into 30 minutes all the while thinking about his parents splitting up and wishes they would walk by and see the squirrel dead.

The kid knows mom and dad sit around trying to figure out why while the squirrel attracts more flies and maybe a bird or two. The kid is happy for the flies and birds and thinks his parents should be happy too because in the kid’s way of understanding things; his parents played a part in making the flies a feast.

The kid knows nothing about Ron Roenicke.

The Brewers manager locked the clubhouse door after Friday night’s loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. It was the 10th loss in 11 games for the coverboys of Sports Illustrated. The media were not allowed inside the clubhouse, but Roenicke did say the doors were shut because of the death to a player’s family member and not surrendering a 6 run lead against the division rival Cardinals.

Roenicke said he’ll talk more tomorrow about the death. He’s protecting his players from the media who will soon trounce on the story like the flies to a dead squirrel. Saturday’s game is the Fox main event.

Yovani Gallardo surrendered a big fly to Matt Adams in the fourth inning, but the Brewer offense had already made a statement Friday night; 4 hits and 6 runs including two triples; a 6-0 lead after two innings in this showdown series. But the Cardinals chased Gallardo in the 6th with two homeruns and in the ninth, Matt Holiday hit the deciding blast off Francisco Rodriguez. Final score; Cardinals 7, Brewers 6.

I never forget what a Jamaican lady said; “that something’s gotta die for another thing to live.” A bluesy ray. Bluesy over  the death in the Brewers family. Bluesy over the colossal nose dive; losing 10 of 11, but a ray in every loss being unique and when bunched together; a riot in Roenicke’s passive aggressive mind; a turning point.

A red carpet rolled, paving the way for Jimmy Nelson to be called up from Nashville to pitch Saturday.  Full moon. Game at 4Pm, maybe a clear day; maybe roof open day, maybe a xanax in the sky day.

A day that will die like all other days and the wind will still blow.

The Brewers are 52-42



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “and so it goes

  1. The writing here is always a feast for the soul… Thank you, Michael

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