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ignore it and it will dissappear

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There’s so many firsts between sun rise and sun set that same shit different day doesn’t seem to apply. Call it God’s ongoing creation or call it nothing at all, but no two bowel movements seem to be the same.

Yeh, there are always three outs to an inning or four if the catcher drops a third strike, 27 outs to complete a 9 inning game. The sun, then the moon. A  kid tugs on dad’s pant leg for a hot dog or a souvenir. The two-fisted slobber gets that one more beer. But these are just are parentheses; predictable and welcomed whether monsters or angels.

But inside these parentheses, the world feels like a river with ripples, floods and nothing ever the same. Jean Segura returned to the Dominican Republic to be with his family. Elian Herrera was called up from AAA again; this time to replace Segura on the roster. Herrera played shortstop Sunday. He also came to bat five times and banged out five hits. He’d never done that before; not at an any baseball level.

The Brewers finished with 19 hits and 11 runs. Final score; Brewers 11, Cardinals 2. A statement in support of Segura and his family? Perfect timing? Push the Cardinals back into second place as the first half of the season comes to a close? Who knows? But it must feel good slipping into a 5 day rest knowing that the beast of losing 7 in a row is gone.

The Brewers actually lost 11 out of 12 to lose that lead in the standings, but there didn’t seem to be any panic; no knee jerk reaction trades or pointing fingers of blame. No one cried quick sand and gave into the temptation to flap wildly. The losing felt more like an obstacle; an inevitable one filled with bad luck and nightmare doing a dance.

I’ve heard about kids who live in two-story houses convinced a monster dwells in the clothes hamper connecting the two floors. The kid gets duped into thinking-feed the monster to make it go away. Then he learns how to ride a bike and he stops dropping Cheerios. He rides that bike round and round; gets so damn tired he forgets all about the monster and the monster disappears.

The Brewers are 53-43.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

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