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imagesThere are symbols the majority of people don’t see, hear or agree on, but if one person agrees with another person and another and then another, there’s no telling what can happen; no symbols at all or preferably more and more symbols.

A few years ago I saw a sign with a bird crossed out. There was a government number on the bottom. That same day I found a copy of Robert Whiting’s “You Gotta Have Wa” in a box of books being thrown out on a curb.

What a great honor to our fellow flying thingsI always suspected that birds and all animals were smarter than human beings. I’m glad the government believes in a bird’s power to read and decipher symbols.

The establishment of rules and regulations gives birds an incentive to break the law, but I’ve never seen a bird or any animal with anything to prove. Only a few dogs wear that sad look in their eyes, but that was probably caused by co-dependent owners passing their own misery through the leash.

There might be mandatory human curfews when the tide of animals return rolls into town at dusk or dawn and takes over a bit, but I think we’ll get along fine in the new totem pole arrangement.

Pepper is a great game. There’s one batter and a bunch of fielders standing approx 10-15 feet away. Each fielder takes turns pitching the ball to the batter who hits hard grounds balls at the fielders. If a line drive or pop up happens, the fielder who catches the ball becomes the batter. The game can go on forever.

Most stadiums banned pepper a few years ago. I don’t know if the concern was over fans getting hit by errant balls, the field getting roughed up or players in a pepper game getting hit by balls during batting practice.

The jury is still out, but we seem to be in the interim days of the pepper ban because there are no symbols on stadium walls or there are, but just letters that spell out “no pepper allowed.”


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

4 thoughts on “no pepper allowed

  1. I wonder if there is a separate codicil for the “no pepper” rule, as we were always told expressly not to do it in the house, the living room not being a gymnasium and all.

  2. I’m looking at the sign and thinking perhaps it means “Don’t feed the seagulls”, although it looks as though the bird has escaped a prohibition and is flying beyond the restriction of the sign. I wonder what the sign for “Don’t feed the seagulls pepper” would look like?

    Something I have never thought to ask, but will ask now. Do the big pro teams have a ‘practice diamond’ away from their main stadia? And how do they practice – what is the baseball equivalent of the cricketer’s ‘nets’?

    In my mind’s eye is a lone batter standing there while a machine pitches without giving him time to think, so that he just swings at balls with muscle memory. Also a target hole at which a pitcher has to pitch. This is all in my mind – what is the reality?

  3. Pepper IS a great game. I agree. Sometimes, it’s as much fun as baseball, the game itself; sometimes, even MORE fun. In other words, playing pepper for the sake of playing pepper, and not as a prelude to baseball. My father taught me how to play pepper many years ago. It’s fun and it’s fast!


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