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maybe there is a chorus, but it sounds mauled

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The clothes line resembles an abacus to a cat that just woke up from a 2,000 year nap or a colorful candy necklace stretched out of its circle to a kid with nothing to do but eat. Birds dart over or under the clothes line like private school kids shedding their blazers, ties and backpacks for the sake of the unknown i guess.

It’s a finish line, a choke hold, or a starting gun and a million and one other things a mind forces its way to think and pretend and pose long enough so the good feeling becomes real again. I flip the computer on for the first time in a few days to discover that Jeremy Jeffress has been called up by the Brewers. “You can only live by what you do in the future, what’s to come,” says Jeffress.

Milwaukee’s former first round pick in 2006 endured three suspensions for marijuana use, a trade to Kansas City, another to Toronto, a new medication to eliminate seizures, and six months ago the birth of his daughter.

The baseball world never apologized for the suspensions; but they did acknowledge Jeremy’s marijuana use was an attempt to control the seizures. It’s all backseat now with marijuana no longer demonized and in Colorado, as available as a stick of butter.

It’s still too early to call this a Jamaican fairy tale come true, but major league baseball does not test for marijuana with players on 40 man rosters and that seems to be a step in a parallel direction with american society; an organic step, a right step, a let people practice whatever religion they want step.

Rob Wooten gave up a game winning home run against the Nationals in the 10th inning Sunday afternoon and that marked the end of a chapter. He was demoted to AAA and so goes the taste in every Brewer mouth. No more squinting on every one of his pitches. No more 38 hits allowed in 33 innings and .295 batting average against him.

Is this the bolster the bullpen for the stretch run we’ve been hearing about? Sure beats trading four prospects for Huston Street. Rabbi Nachman encouraged anything to be happy. Dance, do silly things, sing. A good recipe when leaves don’t shimmer and dangle like fish lure earrings anymore. I feel like a ghost in my life.

Jeffress has yet to pitch, but maybe tonight. He still throws 100 mph and dominated for over a month at AAA Nashville; acquiring a control he has never enjoyed at the professional level; only 18 walks in 41.2 innings along with 45 strikeouts and a 1.51. ERA. He’s only 26 years young    

The almost empty carcass appears suddenly, but there musta been signs. Scavengers don’t just show up and chew the last of tendons loitering stubborn on bones. Patient bastards sit in the shadows of lush and trounce when meaning slips away like a child’s hand in a supermarket.

The Cardinals are only a half game out of first, but Jeffress sounds the gong; that mynah bird from the Huxley book Island; “here and now boys. here and now boys” is the future. Empty and uncertain, cloudy, but still something and maybe we’ll be there for the first time.

Ryan Braun has passed Jonathan Lucroy in batting average. Jean Segura is back from bereavement for his suddenly mortal 9 month old child. He hit a triple Monday night. The Brewers are running the base paths aggressive like Ron Roenicke wants them too; messing with predictable.

On Sunday, Braun scored from second base on a ground ball and last night, Segura legged out that triple and the throw from the outfielder hit his leg and went elsewhere. Segura scored. Final score; Brewer 5, Reds 2.

The Brewers are 55-45.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

One thought on “maybe there is a chorus, but it sounds mauled

  1. “…Segura legged out that triple and the throw from the outfielder hit his leg and went elsewhere…”

    Actually I love it when you leave me in a ‘Lox lag brings bagel boom’ situation. It makes me feel that there is a whole world out there.

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