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It was already the 6th inning last night, the Brewers shutting out the Mets at Miller Park 6-0. I shut the game off, hoping to fall asleep before my upstairs neighbor’s air conditioner turned on. I didn’t. I never do. I prefer winter.

Temperatures have been September like mild the last few days. I don’t get why an air conditioner is necessary, but then again this is an apartment complex, not an apartment simple, so no finger pointing simple solutions to complicated problems. Back to the ear plugs and rhythmic breathing.

The final score was 9-1 Brewers. In that 6th inning, Davis hit his team leading 17th home run. He’s also hit the third most home runs in all of baseball since July 24th of last season. He also appeared to drop his one flap down during the 6th inning home run trot at least it looked that way on the morning high light reel.

Davis is smaller than the original one flap down Jeffrey Leonard. They were born in different months and in different states. This will hopefully be determined at the next Khris Davis home run event.

Braun also hit a home run, padding the already big enough lead. It seems like Matt Garza has turned into an ace. Or maybe July is always his best month. Lucky guess. A quick look up at baseball reference under Garza career splits and his ERA and WHIP are indeed by far better in the month of July.

And August for Garza ain’t bad either, but September is a huge drop off with the ERA spiking to 4.87, but these numbers are like horror scopes, are to be hurdled; a cross to do more than bear; to turn into a flying t and soar through a portal into momentum; a never before enjoyed momentum; the good kind. 

Jonathan Lucroy hit another home run. The Brewers win when they hit home runs. Four on Wednesday and three more on Thursday. Sends Bernie Brewer down the chute and fans another excuse to pop up a top on a Pabst.

The Brewers are 58-45.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “game 103

  1. One Flap Down is one of the dozen greatest things every about baseball.

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