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got your seat belt on?


The last lap; 3PM on a 4pm punch clock drags slow; 52 games remaining, 5 mini seasons of 10 games. Showdown Series a bit premature, but Brewers at St. Louis anyway.

Who has the endurance, luck, destiny, skill, whatever all rolled ready to burn smooth; mach 7 speed ahead? Mustn’t freak out if the Sufis take over. Make moonshine in the dark, share a toke with the authorities; keep to the rituals that got us into contention?

The hospital poster says, “We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” Courage is the caption. An ad for the fight against lung cancer. Yeh, teams made a splash and stockpiled supplies; the Cardinals; Tigers, and A’s anyway. Brewers and Blue Jays did almost nothing. Red Sox thinking next season I guess. Worst to first again.

Why suck up to window of opportunity rhetoric and trade prospects? Why mess with something that apparently ain’t broke? The Brewers didn’t expect to be in first place. If they win, great and if they don’t; the pieces still in place next year. Trust in rookie pitcher Jimmy Nelson. He’s gonna get the ball every fifth game going forward.

But then again, it takes an insightful GM to bring in players who share a similar spirit as the existing team. It’s not just about statistics. Players have to mix in and gel with a team. It’s not elitism or exclusivity. It’s just the way it is. Some people don’t fit on certain teams. Gang psychology.

I was flying high when the Brewers scored Sabbathia in 2008 and this year I’m just going with the Brewer’s Sufi flow I guess; this is what we got sort of deal or maybe there will be more trades with players that clear waivers?

Anyway, there appears to be a right way to Cardinals speak, one way to tie your shoes in St. Louis and if you don’t follow, you get blacklisted and sent packing. I think Joe Kelly maybe had too much personality or maybe he wasn’t that great. Anyway, the Cardinals get John Lackey and big deal. 

I don’t subscribe to getting veteran players; the ones who supposedly play better when it counts; ice in their veins and what not. Seems strange that a sport so obsessed by numbers and science preaches irrational over clutch performance; about those special players who rise to the occasion rhetoric.

Give any batter or pitcher enough at bats or innings and his performance will reflect his regular season numbers. Look at Derek Jeter. He’s played in 158 playoff games; 650 at bats and his batting average is .308 with 20 home runs. That’s nearly identical to his career numbers over a season; .311 average, 15 homers.

Or maybe David Ortiz is the exception or maybe give him another 300 playoff at bats and he will fall down to reality. I would never trade for a player because of past success in the playoffs. He seems doomed to fail or drop off the peak anyway.

I prefer head to head match ups as a science like Cal Ripken’s inability to do much off Teddy Higuera;.196 average in 52 at bats or more recently, Aramis Ramirez versus Adam Wainright; a .415 BA in 52 at bats with 3 homeruns and 8 rbi’s. Ramirez had three more hits and a home run last night off the Cardinal’s ace.

Wainright loaded the bases three times in 6 innings. He balked for only the third time in his career; totally flustered by Gomez bouncing around the bases. And then in true Wainright fashion, he beaned Gomez in his next at bat.

The Brewers were leading 3-0 in the sixth inning when the instant replay failed. The umpire called Segura safe on a force play at second. Out comes the stoic; Cardinal’s manager Mike Matheney requesting a replay. Segura was clearly out, but there was apparently not enough evidence to overturn the call..

Life isn’t fair. Oh well. Matheny ejected; more because of the balk call on his precious little ace. The Brewers loaded the bases and Lucroy hit a bases clearing double. Final score; Brewers 7, Cardinals 4. 

The Brewers are 61-49. 


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “got your seat belt on?

  1. The Cardinals fans like to purvey themselves as wholesome and All American as white bread…little do they know that the rest of the baseball world hates their guts.

    • i guess they like it that way, kind of like the yankees national league. i didn’t have any feeling one way or the other about them. yeh they beat the brewers in 1982 but they were likeable; willy mcgee, but then larussa took over and well, i think you know how that goes.

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