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To lose 100 games for three consecutive seasons…achh, it probably doesn’t matter to a peanut vendor. A job is a job for anyone; dizzy depressing sad days lingering for us all. Lady luck. Shadows slip away. A beer tastes good again. Sun then moon. Normal shifting I guess. Nothing worse than being a perennial winner. How boring!

I always liked the Houston Astros; initially as a superficial attraction to orange sunkist splash uniforms and Astrodome monster; outer space scoreboard theme; the name Enos Cabell and Texas being so strange, exotic and far away with armadillos I seen on Rock the Casbah video, cowboy hats, Jose Cruz.

The Astros became rivals to Brewers in NL Central; a team to despise featuring  Roger Clemens, but then those 100 loss seasons kicked in and gotta love em again. Contagious losers with no expectations. 11th time in baseball history a team has lost 100 games at least three years in a row.

What the hell does a manager or managers say to his players? Marketing road maps?

“well, everyone knows we suck. Hell, we know we suck so don’t worry about nothing. you’re gonna get paid either way, so have some fun.

The Astros are on pace to not lose 100 games this year. Heck, they don’t even have the worst record. The other Texans-the Rangers are 43-68; one game behind the Cubs for reverse crown. The Astros are 47-65; need to go 15-35 the rest of the way to reach 100 losses. Not out of the question, but unlikely.

There are advantages to being so bad; far away from pennant fire fever, never getting burned; no regrets. I wonder how it feels to be a Blue Jay these days. Joey Bats Bautista is maybe the most prolific power hitters in all of baseball over the last 4 years. He took a pay cut to stay in Toronto and he was pissed when the Blue Jays did nothing before the trade deadline.

Bautista is from the Dominican Republic, middle class; mom and dad raised him in wealthy surroundings; sent him to private english school. He speaks and behaves the way MLB likes it’s resources to speak and behave; “ambassador professional”

But Bautista let it fly when the Jays made no trades. Gotta figure the team followed with a screw it all attitude. They just lost 3 out of 4 to the Astros.

I wonder how it feels to be a Brewer these days; especially a reliever in the bullpen. They were tired as all hell and everyoneknew it and yet, the team did nothing to relieve the relievers.

The Cardinals were down in the 7th inning Sunday afternoon; just the way I like em. Shove em three feet further into ash. It was 2-0 and Matt Garza was pitching like Cy Young again. That makes like four or five starts in a row; total domination. I was thinking complete game when out walks Zack Duke to the mound to start the 7th inning.

Garza wasn’t injured; pitch count not too bad and anyway, this was the guy we paid 50 million dollars so he could beat the Cardinals; not play catch in the backyard for 60 minutes 6 innings and then eat donuts in the dugout; rubbing his gotee. What the fudge is going on !

Duke joined his lefty counterpart Will Smith and suffered an implosion. So did Jeremy Jeffress. It must be contagious. Cardinals scored three runs and made a winner out of newbee Cardinal John Lackey. The right handed heavy Brewer bats against the right handed heavy Cardinal pitchers. Ah screw it.

I’m watching Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder again; see some dead monster come back to life.

The Brewers are 61-51.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

3 thoughts on “generators on behalf of slap stick during apocalypses

  1. Oranges and Clemens (I’m sorry).

  2. Given how winnable the A.L. East is right now, I, too, was surprised that the Blue Jays stood pat.

  3. One of the advantages of the Royals sucking for as long as they have is the ability for me, as a fan, to attend games for less. Not only that, but I can just show up at the K for virtually any game and buy my tickets upon arrival.

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