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Hard to knock a close pitching duel with every at bat the potential go ahead run. The  sacrifice bunt comes into the picture, maybe a squeeze. There’s more scrutiny on the cat and mouse of base runner and pitcher. Nail bites, one more beer, bad day to quit smoking. And then near perfection for 6 innings explodes and how did the score get so lopsided?

The quality start requires 6 innings; another stat that gets pooh poohed by experts. I don’t know why. The bizarre seems to happen in the 7th and beyond almost as predictable as the first inning blues; for the pitcher anyway, still getting his feet wet and the top of the other team’s order playing batting practice.

The Brewers scored two runs off Dodger newbee Roberto Hernandez formerly Fausto Carmona in the divisions showdown Friday night; central versus west. Typical first inning kaboom, but all went quiet after that. Hernandez wasn’t even scheduled as the starter. But he arrived to the Dodgers in a trade earlier this week and well, he skunked the Brewers as a Philly a few weeks ago and so the Dodgers made sure he was in there and he picked up right where he left off.

The Dodgers scored in the top of the 6th; home run by Adrian Gonzalez off Kyle Lohse.

But then that 7th inning; 2 runs for the Dodgers followed by 4 by the Brewers including a safety squeeze by fill in catcher Martin Maldonado, a throwing error by the Dodger’s Justin Turner, a 2-run single by Gerardo Parra, but still a ball game at 6-3 until Rickie Weeks launched a three run home run in the 8th to give the game a blow out appearance.

Jeremy Jeffress only pitched two thirds of an inning, but was the pitcher of record; notched his first win of the season. And before the game, he was exploding with confidence; saying he feels the calling to one day be the Brewer’s closer; just needs opportunities. And he’s getting them.

This is a guy who was nowhere a few weeks ago. Gotta hold on just a little longer I guess and the sky and lazy summer beach can turn wicked in a split second or the reverse. Yes, the reverse.  Never can tell. Final score; Brewers 9, Dodgers 3.

The Brewers are 64-52.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

One thought on “whole lot of everything in that there sandwich

  1. The curse of Brandon League. My girlfriend (who is a Dodgers fan) deflates and freaks out (not in a good way) every time he comes in. It’s a shame that guys who are complete garbage are only in the league because of ridiculous contracts.

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