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geriatrics, paranoia and base hits


Miller Park is too loud and there’s too many carnival activities or maybe I’ve become an old fart. I don’t remember it being like this at County Stadium; win this and win that on the scoreboard, all the people dancing to get on the scoreboard. People watch the scoreboard more than the game and that freaking thing takes up 40 percent of the outfield.

Engineering marvel? Miracle of science? I should love robots and just shut up and appreciate this glorious life and day baseball under the sun. There’s too many statues at this new Miller Park and I say new because it will always be new to me, brand spanking and too squeaky clean new. Way too many statues. Who needs statues. I don’t like statues; attract too many tourists with cameras.

Or maybe i need a beer and a valium. I love Bob Uecker. He’s a funny story teller, but he doesn’t need a statue and he gets two; outside and inside the Park. Maybe i just got claustrophobic in large crowds. There were 40,000 yesterday; kids and senior citizen day.  I enjoyed the pre game warm up on the blue Jays side; Kawasaki-the Jays eccentric second baseman from Japan was playing catch with Jose Bautista and the two of them were playing a simulated game of pitcher; each one impersonating one pitcher or another.

Kawasaki did a convincing Luis Tiant cork screwing his body 180 degrees; eye contact with someone somewhere. Kawasaki threw the ball over the shortstop or third baseman’s head two times during around the horn. Never seen that. He was laughing and so was Bautista and Encarnacion. Don’t see that stuff on TV.

Lots of Bluejay fans at Miller Park.  I yelled a few times; tried to piss them off. It felt good. The first time at Danny Valencia; thanking him for making a throwing error and allowing run to score and thanking the Jays for making a trade for Valencia; their big trading deadline move..big joke.

I yelled loudly about Melky Cabrera being fat and a weak outfielder, but I thanked him for dropping a Mark Reynolds fly ball at the wall. That felt good too.

Blue Jays knuckler RA Dickey backing up the third base on a throw and saving a run. He jumped kind of high to snare Bautista’s wild throw; headed for the lower box seats. That was exciting, but Dickey has a weird motion. If he were a kid at the playground; you’d think he might be better with a microscope inside the classroom.

The game itself was nice; lots of runs and base hits; more like an old American League bash fest between Jays and Brewers. I don’t like inter league play. I hate it and ditto for the wildcards. Now everyone says, “hey, this is gonna be a close race.” Well, no shit it is with 10 teams in the playoffs. Too damn easy.

Anyway, Brewer fans were pissed off about Jimmy Nelson staying in the game too long and pissed about him not having a third pitch. Cripes…Jays batters, especially Dickey’s personal catcher; I can’t remember his name…Josh Toely? musta fouled off 20 of Nelson’s pitches in two different at bats. No put away pitch for him; no curve, no change up; just a 97 mph fast ball and maybe a slider, but whatever..great control and lots of first pitch strikes.

The bullpen sucked yesterday or the Jays are just explosive. Bautista hit a bomb off reliever Zack Duke and in the ninth, Colby Rasmus launched a huge one. Final Score; Jays 9, Brewers 5. Musta been more than 20 hits and there were. i just looked in the paper; 15 for the jays and 10 for the crew.

Pitching greatness is sexy and what not and all the nuances of execution and hitting behind runners and fancy art exhibits and three forks and blah blah blah, but just hit the hell out of the ball, hit it somewhere; poke this joke of a pitcher…I like that…14 runs.

The tailgating parties continued after the game and no one seemed too pissed off, bit one guy walked around like a ghost saying “it’s over. the season is over” I tried talking to him but he just gave me a blank stare and repeated his little mantra or whatever it was. Maybe he got too drunk in the game and his wife told him to hit the road jack.

The weird thing about this season; unlike 1981 and 1982 and 1987 and another season in the early 90’s and then 2008 and 2011…the Brewers have been in first place since April. In those winning years; four playoff years the Crew struggled to reach the top. Cripes, in 82, they fired their manager-Buck Rodgers and brought in Harvey Kueen..Harvey’s Wallbangers.

This year’s Brewers been sitting on top since April. Hope it doesn’t get stale; feeling smug and all, getting lazy or losing that edge. Whatever. Maybe not. Who knows. Maybe that guy outside the park saying the mantra over and over again; Mr. comotose doomsday is getting under my skin. Time to go buy a new pack of gum.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

8 thoughts on “geriatrics, paranoia and base hits

  1. You should tell “the ghost” that everything is fine for The Crew. Oakland is now 1 and a half games back and a friend of mine (a Mariners fan) told me, “you better hope you don’t have to face Felix in a one game elimination.” A fucking Mariners fan threatening someone! The world truly is a horrible place, yet I still have faith. Perhaps The Ghost is right though…the air is getting a bit colder and the heartbreak seems right around the corner.

    • excellent or i mean terrible but sounding true the world being horrible and all that, but so much courage in that faith you say and maybe nothing really more important than that,

  2. So the Brewers lost. Maybe you’re a jinx. 🙂
    Glad you got to see a game in person. Miss that around here.

    • turn the tide saturday night i hope and get back to a 500 record 1-1 as a brewers fan over there last 10 years. 2 games is better than none. I gotta remember that and appreciate it all.

  3. Nice piece, as usual.

    I was at a baseball stadium for the first time yesterday, the day after your first appearance at Miller Field. We were at Municipal Credit Union Stadium to experience a Brooklyn Cyclones game for the first time. It is a TERRIFIC experience and a great ballpark. I know exactly what you mean about all the sensory overload with the blaring scoreboard and all of that other crap; Shea Stadium was like that in its last few years, and City Field, where the Mets now play, is like that, too. A person can’t even hear their friend sitting right next to you, they have the music and all pumped up so loud. So do you miss Milwaukee County Stadium? I’m sure you do, just like I miss Shea Stadium before they ruined the place with all that humongous scoreboard crap and all the blaring garbage coming from the speakers.


    • Yep, I guess that’s the way new stadiums are. Kind of a big bummer. Cripes, watching on tv is more enjoyable or maybe not. I’m going back Saturday night; Brewers Pirates. Gonna bring an AM Uecker earphone. Maybe that will help. Cyclones at Coney Island. Musta been fun, but they blast the same kind of music at minor league games, don’t they? and isn’t there even more distractions?

      • Yes, at Binghamton, they do— the Binghamton Mets. But not at MCU Stadium in Coney Island. No. I mean, they play crap over the speakers, no doubt about it, but not that loud. You can easily hear your friends talking to you, anyway. Maybe it was just where we were sitting. I don’t know. But we had a nice time.


        • i never went to a game in Brooklyn but visited the stadium and sure did think wow…what a wild and great place for a stadium…coney island. That’s the New York Penn league I think so the season is short, no? Oh well, I’m glad you gotta to go and see a game especially since you were a Mets fan and remember Shea so fondly.

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