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random thoughts on a foggy day


Surprised to see my parents not watching TV….almost never; just one episode of Jeopardy a few days ago. They seem to be getting busier with more projects as they get older and they’re knocking on 80’s door.

And not surprised to hear 19 year olds with confidence that knows no speed limits. I’m glad for them but they can be a bit freaky and in your face. Guess they haven’t had the equivalent of their legs cut off, not yet anyway; no life pulled out from underneath them. In germany, I hear the work week is only four days and the older people are ok with younger people not working as much while they ‘figure out” what to do. I kind of like that. Respect for the elders and also the opposite; hand off to the youth.

Brewer fans don’t boo Ryan Braun. Of course not. That would be like Mom not cheering for her son, but Braun looks depressed. I was talking to my dad’s best friend last night. We’ve been friends forever. He moved into a funny place. Lots of old movie pictures on the wall of the complex and an old piano that is broken in the lobby. Humid; smells like Florida in the hallways; carpeted hallways. Something out of that “Mystery Train” movie. Anyway, he’s lost like 50 pounds; problems with the pancreas or something, big bummer. The body is such a bastard; so not reliable. But he ignores the inevitable so we do too.

He was tuned to the Little League World Series, then the Red Sox and Angels and talking about the Brewers. He was drinking RC cola. I had some 7-up. We ate those little fish crackers. He sees it; sees Braun being severely depressed. He was always a bit stand off; away from team celebrations, but this year he’s walking dead; maybe the conscience is getting to him or maybe he’s pissed about fewer home runs. Who knows. Who cares. He still leads the team in RBI’s.

Nice fog this morning and not rolling in; just sitting there in these wet lands not far from my parent’s condo; still as can be. Already seen some dead mice and a few frogs; all kinds of birds and good dreams last night….good because I remember some of them.

The coffee here is half decaf, maybe better for Mom’s health. I don’t know, doesn’t matter, so I drink an extra cup or two. Still got cravings for cigarettes, but not as many. Over 100 hours now and still not a puff. I don’t have too much pride about anything, but this is something; this quitting the cigarette death. Yeh, I feel some pride for the discipline and strength and money saved.

Found a pouch of Big League Chew at Winkie’s Variety Store. What a store! Jigsaw puzzles, airplane models, beach toys, games, silly puddy, glass figurines to decorate bathrooms, baseball cards, huge rack of candy bars and gum galore. I bought some Trident and a couple of Big League Chew pouches.

Brewers didn’t play yesterday; rare two off days in the same week. Never can tell if that’s a cure or a curse; a needed rest or a needle to the balloon. And the TV is always off here so no news, but the radio talks about forest fires in the west, Isis in Iraq, racial riots in St. Louis. I thought Isis was a Greek goddess and didn’t Dylan write a song about her? on the same album with The Hurricane and Mozambique?

My cousin wrote a book before he passed away. It’s called “The Story of Me.” He printed a bunch out and gave em to family members; freaking good, if not great and funny book about his life. He’s got some quotables in there; one of my favorites so far is something about getting old not being that bad because his enemies start dying too.

I might go swimming today; easier now with clear lungs or clearer lungs. Easier to take a full breath, Who knows where this will all go right there?



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

7 thoughts on “random thoughts on a foggy day

  1. Big series this weekend. You guys get the Pirates and we get the Angels. Glad to hear you’re having a good time in Milwaukee. I’ve always wanted to go there.

    • People are kinda drunk here; saying hello to strangers; smiling, conversations at gas stations. Kinda nice that way, but Brewers need a v8 boost or something. good to see Sonny set the Angles or Angels down. Always misspell that. Hope the A’s keep winning.

  2. One of the most amazing things my mom ever did was write a book about her life. Funny stories even throughout a crazy childhood of constantly moving between Long Island, Florida and Illinois.

    Glad you’re enjoying some time with family Steve.

    Braves are winning again, in spite of Fredi Gonzalez, and I loved watching Mo’ne Davis pitch in the LLWS. Not that I think women will ever reach a point that they can compete at the MLB level. But 12-13 year olds is a different story.

    I’ve gone to more Volcanoes (A-ball) this year than ever before. It’s been a great summer!

    Summer is almost gone though, sigh…

    • i forgot to mention that my dad’s friend always dreamed of going to that Little League WS in Pennsylvania; interesting road trip i would think, Anyway, it’s great when people write their life story like your mom did. Sometimes we forget how much has really happened. Maybe that’s when things get dull.

      • My sister, who recently retired and moved to Durham, NC, wants to visit every MLB park. She’s already been to a few, but we have talked about how fun it would be to fly into Pittsburgh, take in a game there and then Cincinnati, rent a car, go to:
        then drive up to Cooperstown, NY and visit the BB Hall of Fame (we’ve both been there, but years ago, and I remember being able to poke my skinny 9 yr old finger through the hole of Babe Ruth’s locker to touch his uniform that hung inside).

        Ah well, time and money!

        • I love that plan. Isn’t the wandering mendicant part of the life cycle somewhere? After work and living in society and what not…to renounce all worldly possessions and wander the earth or in our baseball situation; wander from stadium to stadium?

          • Great! See you on the trail then Steve. 🙂

            Watched the movie, The Battered Bastards of Baseball last night on Netflix. It’s a documentary about the Portland Mavericks baseball team back in the 70’s.

            Although I live in Oregon now and spent ten years living in Portland, I heard nothing about this colorful team owned by Kurt Russell’s dad, Bing. Also, didn’t know Jim Bouton played for them.

            Great movie:

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