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it’s not paradise, but close enough


Maybe the world was always a messed up place; all the way back to cave man times; territorial battles,scrounging for resources and control; revenge, hate, murder and all that. This peace and utopia thing doesn’t even exist in sleep.

The Old Testament is a funny story or a real story in that people are so messed up.  Judah slept with a prostitute who happened to be his son’s wife. Her name was Tamar and oops; she gave birth to twins; Perez and Zehar and eventually that genealogical line resulted in King David and further down the road Jesus. Crazy story, but a great one because the screwed up situations and the not so screwed up situations seem  so intertwined and we just never know when everything suddenly in a flash changes…for the better…ideally.

Anyway, enough of my biblical soap box preachings. I was walking beside this wetlands near my parent’s house and there was plenty of road kill; mostly mushed frogs and I seen a dog being walked that stumbled on a cat that had been killed. The cat was bigger than most cats, but totally dead and covered with flies. The dog stuck its nose in there like any dog would do and then moved its nose onto something else.

There’s something great about a dog’s nose. I guess it’s the way it doesn’t judge and I don’t mean judge in the sense of right or wrong or superior or inferior. I’m talking about smells. If  it’s edible, the dog eats and if it’s not, that dog moves onto the next thing. Sniffing its own turf. I like dogs and animals in general.

A lady told me yesterday she seen a mountain lion and a bear in the woods here. She explained the situation as campers up north showing up with RV’s pushing bears and mountain lions off their land and so animals started wandering south and they’re not really afraid of humans; not around the Great Lakes anyway. Less noise and less pollution I guess. But people hunt for sure around here. Who knows. She says if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

Pirates are a different story, especially with Andrew McCutchen back in the line up. Fear the Cardinals, but meanwhile the Pirates were in first place a big chunk of last year and they’re back, after some injuries. This third baseman/reserve player Josh Harrison seems like a charismatic and fun dude to have on a team. He hit the 8th inning home run last night; kind of nail in the coffin; extended the pirates lead to 8-3.

Harrison was batting lead off so he’s more than a fill in. He drove in 5 freaking runs last night and for the season is hitting .300 with 40 plus ribbies and 11 homers.

I missed the beginning of the game. Gallardo gave up 8 hits in 5 innings; 6 runs, but only 3 earned. I’ll be at the game Saturday night and sitting on the first base side….Brewers side….see if that helps. Superstitious for sure, but why not. I try and eat an odd number of everything like 5 cloves of garlic and five carrots in a salad, five chicken McNuggets and 5 shakes of pepper and so on. A russian lady who sells flowers told me to always buy an odd number of flowers; never even so I do, but it could be seven or three.

The Brewers are 71-57.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

3 thoughts on “it’s not paradise, but close enough

  1. Kropotkin would contend that far from being a naturally competitive species, it was our societal, cooperative nature that was key to our survival and evolution; the competitive, territorial thing is a later aberration foisted upon us by a handful of psychopaths, is ultimately destructive, and should be eradicated if we want to survive for much longer.

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