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circus and silence

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Klements won the sausage race at Miller Park last night. He also won Wednesday afternoon. That makes two consecutive victories for the sausage with me at the game. I’ll never find out if there is a pattern developing because I’m outta here; back to Montreal; no more Miller Park for me this year.

The Brewers were 1-3 during my stay and 0-2 with me at the game. The Sausage Race goes down in the 6th inning. It’s one of the endless distractions at a Brewer’s game; reminds me McDonalds with Ronald and Grimace and so on. Parents have no way of fighting the seduction. Kids don’t just want to eat. They want to EAT McDonnell’s and if they don’t get what they want; well….it gets loud.

Maybe same thing with these sausage races. People stick around the game; not so they can see Gregor Polanco appear in right field for the Pirates and come to bat; not to see if Jeremy Jeffress can tip 100 on the radar gun. They wait for the Sausage Race and that’s cool. To each their own. The majority of fans don’t seem to really care about the game anyway and yet they have a good time. They fork over 30-40-50 bucks for a ticket, take photos of themselves, drink a few beers, and laugh.

Of course, thousands of fans get into the game, but they seem to b e the minority. It’s a money making circus. People go home happy and who am I to judge? It was kind of cool to see the waves of people stand up and slip towards the exits last night. It really did look like water escaping down a drain. The exodus began in the fifth inning after Pedro Alvarez launched his second opposite field home run of the night.

As the Brewers failed to score and the Sausage Race came and went, Miller Park emptied out; strip mined of people; forest fire;  treeicide; humanicide. I have to admit. It looked cool and it felt even better; easier to breathe, no wave, less distractions on the scoreboard and maybe fittingly, more conversations about baseball and more silence followed by more conversations.

Anyhoochie, it’s all good. The parking lot was loaded with drunks; still tailgating when the game was over. The Cardinals won in extra innings. The Pirates…all of em seem to hit the ball way above average and Gregor Polanco looks like a young Barry Bonds. He was on deck in the top of the ninth, but didn’t bat. I was hoping to see him in person.

The Brewers lost 10-2 and were trailing 8-2 after five innings. Maybe I’m a bad fan for not caring about winning or losing, but the thing is….Brewers play 162 games over a spring, summer and a little bit of fall and that’s a long season and every damn game is different and every damn game is an effective distraction and well…baseball is a solution to all kinds of depression and anger that I sometimes feel or it’s not a solution, but a soother or maybe it is a solution because even in the off season, there’s other seasons; older seasons to explore again.

The Brewers are 71-58.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

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  1. Ah – McDonnell’s – the meat product of Glengarry!

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