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it all seems to slip away, but that’s ok


Confidence is a funny thing or it’s an every thing; from latin word fidere-to trust. I looked it up. I like etymology. Reminds me of that game we played in nursery school. I forget the name. We all sat around in a circle and the teacher or someone whispered something in to the next person’s ear and that person whispered it in the next person’s ear and round and round goes the message until we reach the beginning of the circle again. The message had always changed.

The word or meaning of words and how we use them seems to change as well as the years pass. Cherokee used to be a Native American tribe. Still is but nowadays, probably reminds people of a four door jeep or whatever more than Cherokee people.

Confidence to trust. I don’t always make that connection. Confidence to me is gangster lean like that song sings with the sun roof top, digging the scene and feeling good and what not. Curtis Mayfield I think.

But I guess if you trust yourself, you trust life and that equals confidence. Makes sense. Brewer fans were saying or wondering if the Brewers lacked confidence after enduring some ugly, big run losses to the Blue Jays and then the Pirates.

We are a resilient species;us humans, maybe not as resilient as a worm after being split into two by a kid and a butter knife, but we still seem inclined to survive or determined to sleep and wake up fresh; ready to kick some ass in whatever we do.

There are so many adages or maxims or whatever in baseball. A pitcher is a manager’s best friend or maybe it’s a dog. I’m not sure, but an ace out screw balls the devil and sends a losing streak down the drain. Every manager and newspaper seems to say that at least once a year.

Every team has an ace or pretends to anyway. They spend money or sacrifice prospects to get one. They sleep better as a result, knowing in the back of their minds so and so will pitch the day after tomorrow. Yeh, it may be cloudy with a 70 per cent chances of rain Monday and Tuesday. Heck, there might even be a tornado or a famine, world wide devastation. It doesn’t matter because the ace is gonna pitch Wednesday.

The Brewers made Yovani Gallardo their ace a few years ago. They signed Kyle Lohse and Matt Garza and Wily Peralta developed. Four good aces on the staff. Nothing great or exceptional or maybe Lohse at times, Garza and Gallardo every blue moon. Peralta has 15 wins, but labors through games a bit. No complaints. Solid. Four solid starters. No Kershaw or Cueto, but no big deal.

There was Mike Fiers in 2012 for a 6 week stretch; dominating every opponent and well, there is the same Mike Fiers doing an impersonation of himself this year; dominating every opponent for 4 weeks now.

Yep, Fiers is the ace; ending losing streaks and stretching divisional leads against the Cardinals. Fiers tansforms doubts back into trust; amongthe us fans anyway; probably the players too.

Seven innings Sunday afternoon for Fiers; 7 strikeouts, 2 hits, two runs and a win. He’s now 4-1 since being called up a month ago. In 35 innings, he’s allowed 16 hits and 6 freaking runs. That’s a crazy good 1.54 ERA to go along with 37 k’s and only 7 walks. Batters are batting .137 against him…..a 0.66 WHIP…Brewers mellowed out the Pirates. Final Score; Brewers 4, Pirates 3. I was in a plane 35.000 feet above; couldn’t see a damn thing.

Anyway you slice the numbers, Fiers is dominating and who woulda thunk! But more than numbers, he’s working fast and efficient like a short order cook; moving gracefully. It’s enjoyable to watch; even on TV on replay. Actually it’s better on TV. Everything is better on high definition TV. Weird. TV improves reality. Or maybe it’s scary?

Anyway, Great surprises in store every damn day with Mike Fiers leading the way. Makes it easier to sort of feel like a kid must feel when they see a firetruck or a tree and they say the word with exaggerated slow syllables and enthusiasms, but not exaggerated at all.. Those kids are drunk with 100 per cent awe at all the newness passing before their eyes. Lucky bastards! Where the hell does that feeling go!

The Brewers are 72-58.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

14 thoughts on “it all seems to slip away, but that’s ok

  1. That’s baseball for ya, exhilarating highs, devastating lows, it’s no wonder it’s not called bi-polar.
    “It’s alright, have a good time, cuz it’s alright, whoa it’s alright”

    • Steve, here’s the song that ptero9 was thinking about, and I knew it was the song that you were describing when you wrote your piece.

      By the way, another great song by the Impressions, of which Curtis Mayfield was part of.

      • thanks glen. i got a video of “diamond in the back” stuck in my mind with a whole bunch of chevy impalas or some similar kind of cars bopping up and down. “though you may not drive a caddilac” and what not.

    • a double header is kind of close to bi polar but dammit, they hardly ever play those anymore. At least we got double plays.

  2. I think that game you mentioned at the beginning of your post is called “Telephone.”
    Fiers is an extraordinary story, for the second time in his career. No reason the Brewers can’t ride his arm right into the playoffs.

  3. No, NOT Curtis Mayfield. And I’m relieved about that, because I like Curtis Mayfield. Actually, the song is called “Be Thankful For What You Got.” I like the tune, but I always thought that the lyrics were so lame! (Although the word “lame” wasn’t used that way in 1974.) It was some guy named William DeVaughn. I looked into it just now, and, although it SOUNDS a very much like Mayfield, it’s actually this guy William DeVaughn. Even people putting it on You Tube erroneously put “Curtis Mayfield”. I don’t understand. They don’t know who they’re playing when THEY are the ones putting the song on You Tube??? But anyway, Curtis Mayfield, as much as it sounds like him, had nothing to do with this song, not in the writing of it, not in the singing of it. The guy who put this on You Tube not only got the name of the artist wrong, but he got the name of the song wrong!


  4. Here we go. Don Fardon’s take on a John D Loudermilk song:

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