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revisiting Pluto with a squirt gun of embalming fluid


Big debate yesterday; dome houses versus regular rectangular ones. I tried to impress my opponent by referencing  Buckminster Fuller; in praise of his spaceship planet earth. He didn’t bite. I had no idea he was so smart or maybe he just knew how to look smart. He reeled off a rosary bead list of negatives to the dome.

He had a masturbatory personality. Loved to hear himself talk and think. Who the hell am I to judge. Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had are with me, myself and I. But this guy was arrogant and pompous and cock sure. His great uncle is probably Winston Churchill. I got a head ache.

All I wanted to do was stand up and walk to walmart so I did and never bothered to say goodbye. I don’t need to buy anything. I just look. It’s better than a museum because you don’t have to walk so damn slow and pretend to be a cultural elite. Walmart shoppers are aggressive and violent with karts and kids. I like that. I miss bumper cars and well…i love americans and canadians.

There’s not much in this world worse than the pace of museum walk. It’s worse than being stuck inside a white racquetball court with a bunch of snot nosed kids who never shut up or intellectuals who also never shut up, but I prefer the kids. They’re more nasty and not so damn cute with their words.

Anyway, I wanted a telescope because Earth sucks, but Walmart probably doesn’t have a telescope; not  on sale anyway and so I wouldn’t buy one. I’m too cheap and too lazy to carry one across town. But who needs planet earth. The British like to hear themselves talk  and always figure out a way to be right when they’re actually wrong.  And if I hear one more Italian , Spanish , or Greek brag about his country’s cheese or wine, I’m gonna construct an extra terrestrial runway. I like telescopes.

Americans who always rail on america. They’re so impressed with themselves; quoting French authors and deconstructing American society; praising Europeans. I do like the porta potties in Denmark. Pretty much everything in Denmark is great as far as I can tell including stashing Jews during Europe’s genocide feast. Is that Europe’s favorite sport? Europe. What a joke. How is that Mexicans speak Spanish? And Lord British Balfour carving up the middle east drunk on what? his own embalming fluid?

America’s Funniest Home Videos might be the most important show in America or the world for crisakes. I almost pissed in my pants watching it last night.

Walmart telescopes at 3AM. Loud inside and dark outside but the sun will get here; brave the bugs and trees and dirt and yippee, me and my telescope outside, but Yuck!!! Nature sucks. And then it stays dark for at least 12 more hours and this really sucks. I’m freaking out. Maybe stay this way forever. I adjust. We all adjust or jump off a bridge. It doesn’t matter.

The Brewers lost their fifth in a row and traded for Jonathan Broxton; the fat ass coveted set up man since the trading deadline-end of July. And now the waiver deadline-end of August-players dropped on a Chinese restaurant plate to sit and spin so all 29 other teams can take a long look and decide if he’s worth biting into or something like that.

So the Brewers are tied with the red Turd Cardinals, but who cares! Maybe those arrogant pricks talking World Series back in June and July. Maybe they care. Annoying fools. They steal away the mystery with their bold picks and promises. As if we believe their self promotion and propoganda anyway! Bunch of Vladimir Putins. Coldest mother fuckers on the planet.

At least the Giants are behaving like Giants. Swept the Brewers in style; 15-6 on Sunday.

Brewers are 73-63.



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “revisiting Pluto with a squirt gun of embalming fluid

  1. I never thought of the difference between Walmart and a museum before. I thought they were the same damn thing.


    • the main difference is that you can’t buy anything at a museum except the crap in the gift shop, but at Walmart spelled with just one L, you can buy pretty much everything and anything you want including a clerk’s work uniform. Te loyalty is very low just the ay I like it. There’s nothign more annoying than people who just love their job and lick their bosses ass and all that…Disgusting sheep that they are.

      I very rarely buy anything in Walmart with one L but I love going there. The one closest to where I live has a McDonlds inside the Walmart wiht one L. Crazy days we live in. al in one pancake batter and McDonalds inside Walmart. Kind of like a Matryoshka Russain doll. ya knwo the ones wiht 20 dolls all inside each other like a peeling onion. You can buy a cup of coffee and sit at McDonalds inside Walmart with one L and sit there all day if you want. I’m beginning to think that the world would be fine if Walmart with one L ruled the world. I don’t care who runs the world or the country. I don’t care of Pablo Escobar is in charge. As long as I get my baseball game on tv, a few beers and a bed. There goes my lunch. Back to work. Yep, I walk home form work at lunch. Takes about 10 minutes. Freaking idela situation because I hate cars, never had one, except when visiting a car lot and the test drive. The I own a car for about 15 minutes. That I can do because I have a license. More on that in a future post.

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