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burgers and pies and protest songs and walk offs


There are no pies for sale at McDonald’s, but I saw Joe Hill; the Swedish song writer who moved to America, joined a union and got executed. Or it looked like him and he talked about ketchup and taxes. I invited him for a coffee yesterday and we saw everyone there.

It was good to be back at McDonalds; diving headfirst into a 99 cent burger; the splash of dirty mop water; the paper place mates to scribble letters i will never send. The conversation of strangers, the comfy padded booths and free refills or they used to be free. Whatever, a muffin and a coffee is only 1.87. Now let’s kick back and enjoy some democracy I say to myself.

Where else can you find the whole damn world and this particular McDeees was on  Cote Des Neiges street and it had no outlets or WiFi or at least I didn’t see any and hot damn! the whole damn world with nothing but eyes and dares and conversation sparks; make love the old-fashioned way. Earn it in person; mano a mano. No more on-line cutism or bully shit. This was face to face, do or die. Make love, not war.

Make an ass of yourself; public humiliation, the red cheeks and sweaty palms nerves are a good enough baptism for me; a real scramble to jump start conversation or admire self consciously from a far; fondle the sugar packets in silence, but these were not rectangular sugar packets and there was no sugar tower in sight.

These were paper viles or cylinder shaped and all the sugar flows out in one funnel like action. You can even hear the sound of the granules hitting the coffee. I’m making way too big deal of this, but I do that with everything because I’m bored. This Joe Hill looking dude is interested and ads, “Maybe the ketchup situation can be rectified now.”

Good point. We go to the moon, but can’t solve the world’s greatest condiment.

This is a newer McDonalds. It replaced a diner where political talk used to go down or up. It’s beside a book store where there’s plenty of chairs to loiter all day if you want and no need to buy a damn thing. Cant say the same about this McDonalds. It looks space age with weird shaped chairs that have no backs.

What ever happened to booths? Or at least chairs with backs? This is a  bus cabin situation I think; an attempt to move people along; be productive and efficient. No loitering allowed. There’s no sign, but it’s implied. Freaking  scarecrows and metal spikes. Deterrents. Keep pigeons off buildings; bums out of bus cabins and the rest of us in and out of McDonalds.

Big bummer because loitering is my third favorite sport; right behind pacing and walking. Bus cabins should be fold out sofas and please revive padded booths in 24 hour restaurants like Ma Fischers on Milwaukee’s East Side or Denny’s with its underrated selection of pies.

A pie is a very versatile thing. There are meat pies and spice pies and lemon meringue pies and apple pies and potato knish pies and pumpkin pies and pies for whatever we want.

Baseball players throw pies in each others faces.The tradition is called pieing. The pie arrives as a surprise when a player is interviewed. It would be nice to see pieing after a walk off hit. Fans could get in on the action; throwing food at each other.

Defy the horses. Raid the field, just like the 1970’s. Dance crazy and rip up the grass. I’d rather see a pock marked field with holes than the smooth babies ass face of diamonds these days so easy . My grandma could be Andrelton Simmons.

All it would take is one food item tossed and a full fledged food fight could begin. The Brewers had a walk off last night; plenty of pats on Lyle Overbay’s ass and head, a huge fireworks celebration, water tossed, but no pies. You’d think the Brewers just won game 7 of the World Series.  Final Score; Brewers 3, Reds 2.

It was very regular, just another game in this long life of thousands of years, but it was everything. It was god damn Pie in the Sky and we were just as high as any so called famous moment from the glorious past.

The Brewers are 77-71.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

7 thoughts on “burgers and pies and protest songs and walk offs

  1. No pies at McDonald’s? There always used to be those little cherry pies wrapped in cardboard at McDonald’s. No more?

    I had to look up who Joe Hill was, and thanks to you, Steve, I learned a new thing today. The whole Joe Hill case seems very similar to the Sacco and Vanzetti case that took place about twelve years later. A lot of similarities.

    So what did the guy who wasn’t Joe Hill tell you about ketchup and taxes? And what is his stand on the old Ketchup vs. Catsup Wars? Did you know that Ronald Reagan was actually proven CORRECT when he said that “ketchup is a vegetable”? They found recently that ketchup (or catsup, if you prefer) has more lycopene than in tomatoes. Don’t ask me why. (The jury is still out, however, on Reagan’s remark that “trees cause more pollution that automobiles.”)

    “Where else can you find the whole damn world and this particular McDeees was on Cote Des Neiges street and it had no outlets or WiFi or at least I didn’t see any and hot damn! the whole damn world with nothing but eyes and dares and conversation sparks; make love the old-fashioned way. Earn it in person; mano a mano. No more on-line cutism or bully shit. This was face to face, do or die. Make love, not war.” I love this paragraph, Steve!

    By the way, the second I saw the title of today’s in my mailbox (yes, I’m a satisfied subscriber of “Brewers Baseball And Things”), my mind immediately hummed this song. It was automatic for me, because I’ve heard the song so many times since I was 18. Maybe white men CAN’T jump, as we discussed yesterday, but black men SURE can sing country music!


    • i must have overlooked those amazing apple pies that come in the apple pie pouches. I was thinking of big ol circular pies and some fat lady with extra flab on her arms delivering us one to the table. Anyway, yesterday i was looking at a book of stamps at a friend’s house. It was maybe 10 stamps and I was glad to see that someone still buys books of stamps and this one really caught me eye because there was a guy who looked like a country singer featured on the stamp and it said Hank Snow and as it turned out, he was a country singer. Hank Snow e was from Brroklyn…but not Brooklyn New York. He was from Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. Shhhheit, I never knew there was a Brooklyn Nova Scotia and I never heard not one of his songs and I thought it might be best to check with you about this cat name Snow.

      • He’s on a Canadian stamp, huh, Steve? No surprise there. He was from Nova Scotia, as you mentioned. And Hank Snow was one of the great ones, but he’s definitely an acquired taste. Once you get past the fact that on some of his records he sounds kind of like Popeye The Sailor Man, you can really appreciate his music.

        I’ll do a post on him. He’s one of my favorites in that he’s always been such a purist. He never compromised. Pretty much “pure as Snow” (I just made that up; I couldn’t resist) country music throughout his career. He used to get ticked off that so many country singers DID compromise and try to cross over to the pop charts.

        Yeah, he was from Nova Scotia. And he was a country music icon, no doubt about that, up there with the likes of Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, and Lefty Frizzell.

        Incredibly, he started his recording career in 1937 and he kept recording records until about 1981.

        Here he’s singing one of his biggest hits- “I’ve Been Everywhere”. And it’s a TOUGH song to sing! And he’s not lip-syncing, either.


        • He wasn’t just from Nova Scotia. he was from brooklyn, nova soctia. but who cares, just a name right? I gotta kick out of that, but moving on now to the music and this song which i think johny cash stole or borrowed. Man oh mangos, country music steals or shares so many songs or maybe it’s the same with all types of music? i guess copying is the the biggest form of flattery or however that silly fortune cookie thing says. I never agreed with that. If you can’t make up your own shit, then I always figure it’s better to just shut up….but i’m a grumpy old man trapped in a 44 year old auschwitz body and I,ve been here a long while so don’t listen to me.

  2. Okay, I wrote the first part of the post about Hank Snow. Only on the internet could a guy buying a book of stamps in Canada inspire a guy in Brooklyn, New York to write an article about the guy who’s picture is on the stamps, and within less than a half hour of hearing of the book of stamps, yet.


    • yep, that’s the very stamp that caught me in the act of not knowing and Praise the lord PTL Hallelujah, I was saved, but seriously, that is one awesome suit jacket, beats the pants off the boring blazer I had to wear for my bar mitzvah…..plain old dark blue and no yellow mini belts or bumble bees or flowers or whatever on the arm sleeves. Sort of reminds me of the Michael Jackson bright red zipper jackets of the 1980’s or not really but just in the effort to make a coat be so different.

      • You have more interesting stamps than we do in the U.S. I mean, THAT’S a visually interesting stamp!

        But what’s with the yellow teeth? Did Hank Snow smoke a lot? I’ve never seen such yellow teeth.

        I guess they’re more truthful up there.

        I wonder if there’s more truth in advertising, too.

        So Hank had yellow teeth. Apparently.


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