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and life oozes out from somewhere eventually maybe


A Pullup and Treasure poll reports that 94.7 percent of North Americans wear under pants. I keep 7 in circulation; one per day. My current underpants are made 10,000 miles away so I’m not anti technology, not in the least because I rely on machines; airplanes, ships, trains, trucks and fork lifts bringing my tighty whities home to me, not to mention the machines of wash and dry.

I can move around the cabin of this great and glorious universe with much more ease thanks to my starchy fresh undies. But I still prefer the library over internet technology-that thief of spontaneous encounters. I’ve been loitering at the library four decades now and I’m still going strong.

People recommend all kinds of groups, gatherings, online get togethers, but I’m not interested in any of it, never have been, never will be. They talk about shared interests and romance short cuts and to each their own, but no thank you. I prefer the lottery balls any day; mixing in with life and if something happens;.then yipeee and if nothing happens, so what. There’s always spaghetti squash and reruns of Modern Family.

If I were emperor for a day I would remove all online dating services and anything else where humans back life into a corner and try and control it. The library, bus cabins, park benches and wild forests would all remain.

I was in the pretty prosperous neighborhood of Westmount the other day. The library there requires a private membership to check out books-140 bucks. Way too expensive, but visitors are welcome and we’re treated nicely. There’s a pond in the back and some rolling mounds, seagulls, squirrels, big freaking trees, so big they look like the inside of a cathedral with buttresses and horse shoe arches, stained glass leafs.

And inside…. the computer stations are segregated into members and non members but who cares.This is Montreal; same city where Branch Rickey launched the Jackie Robinson experiment outside the spot light of black and white, rich and poor unless you happen to be Celine Dion.

I didn’t have one reverse snobbery thing to say. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride; loitered 6 hours and discovered a coffee machine that is not in the cafeteria because there is no cafeteria. It’s right inside the library and get this. There are no signs saying; “No food or beverage allowed.” Free to move about the cabin.

The machine is on the basement level-DVD section, beside the bathroom. Plenty of people traffic.Only $1.25 for a coffee, but then confusion kicks in because there is not just one choice. There are 16. No shit. I borrowed a mini pencil and wrote down all 16.Those mini pencils are everywhere at libraries and baseball games too; as part of the scorecard/program purchase.

I drink coffee at home or McDonalds and it’s black with a little sugar, nothing else, but I’m not stupid. I know about latte and moka, but 16 varieties? Rich and unnecessary excess? Coffee breakthrough? Who cares! For 1.25, I’ll try anything. Excuse the spelling and lack of accents.

le delice
espresso court
espresso allonge
espresso machiato,
cappuchino noisette,
cappucino espreso,
mochacinno classique,
french vanilla,
hot chocolate,
amercano avec lait
le cocktail.

Holy shit. Holy excess. Holy unnecessary  Holy who the hell am I to judge! I haven’t heard of 93.7 percent of these. I know hot chocolate and latte, but that’s about it. A Filipino lady pointed out le cocktail. She was wondering and so was I. Brandy not included, but plenty of milk and sugar and coffee and I felt high, way higher than a coffee at home.

I went back to my post on the second floor. People come and go. I sometimes smile at people. If they start flinging their hair; impersonating a Milan runway and what not, then I know I’ve done a good thing.

There’s a totem pole in the corner; a real live totem pole made from a tree I guess.The library probably bought it from British Colombia or someone donated it. There are eyes on top of eyes on top of eyes. I feel them looking at me. It doesn’t freak me out at all.

The Brewers lost in 13 innings to the Cardinals…drifting further out of the playoff picture. I might buy a Cuisinheart Smartstick today; ideal for mixing it up; when making soups and things.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

17 thoughts on “and life oozes out from somewhere eventually maybe

  1. Speaking of vending machines, I used to get hot chocolate out of them sometimes as a kid. Well, after you put in a quarter and made your selection (it was usually coffee or hot chocolate, back when coffee was just COFFEE), a cup would come down and the hot chocolate then would pour down into the cup. At least that’s the way it was SUPPOSED to happen. Often it didn’t work out as planned. I used to laugh so hard, because there wasn’t a a damn thing I could do about it, when the cup would come down on its side instead of upright, and the damn hot chocolate would come down and pour over the fallen cardboard cup! Hey, it was ENTERTAINMENT. I enjoyed it more than I would have drinking the cup of hot chocolate. It was worth the quarter admission price!


    • This is what those machines looked like, usually without the gal leaning against it.

      I wonder if any of those machines are still in use anywhere today?


    • Those were the good old days; cup included. The machine yesterday required a cup to be inserted behind the sliding door and stupid me. I forgot to put a cup in there. I was too excited by the whole damn situation so I panicked and watched as my 1.25 dripped and leaked back into the machine. By the time I located the holster where the cups were, it was too late. Details. Details. I was ashamed. But I said screw it and forked out another 1.25, but I’ll tell you this. I did it nice and slow the second time, looking real professional and experienced in case someone walked up and got intrigued by the machine.

      And someone did. It was a guy taking a break from cutting the library lawn. We talked a while. Turns out he’s from Bali and gives guided scuba diving tours there when not here cutting grass in Montreal. Seems like along commute, but whatever.. Says he got lost in the jungle one time during one of the scuba tours and had to eat a snake. I love the library because shit like that happens.

      • Well, as far as the coffee situation with the vending machines, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

        I wonder what Bill Lee used to cut the grass in Montreal.


        • I was impressed how fresh the coffee tasted yesterday. The whole darn thing is kind of outta this world. A machine making all those kinds of coffee and all we gotta do is drop in a coin and push a button. Same thing with the jukebox. Wonderful invention. A few bars and restaurants still have em too; around here anyway. As a kid I believed there was a band of little people playing music in there.

      • You’re a self-proclaimed “cheap” person, Steve, but a real cheap person wouldn’t have forked out another $1.25.


  2. If I was a Brewers fan (“…and you were a lady”), if Ned Yost ended up in the post-season and my club didn’t, I think someone would need to hide all the sharp objects.

  3. Please give this a chance….it’s so important to me…..

    • I’m still giving it a listen, but so far it’s not really catching my ear interest. But my opinion when it comes to music is not worth much. Come to think of it, my opinion about just about everything isn’t worth much. I’m a great guy and a creature of the universe like everyone else, but I just don’t know much about anything. But I’m learning about cooking and it’s a lot of fun and satisfying

  4. Don’t get me started on coffee…

    • Please get started Marie. I’m enjoying one right now, but it’s not the same as that machine in the library. I see it as a great opportunity to get up to snuff on all the varieties, I have to admit that the coffee I had-le cocktail was way better than my regular cup of Joe. Way better in terms of taste and getting up to the top floor in my mind.

      • No really, don’t! I like a small mug of black decaf, sometimes with a dash of milk, usually not. I have to ask for an ‘Americano’ because the words ‘cup of coffee’ are unknown to the snipperwhappers in Starbucks or Whateverbucks.

        “Regular? Large?” they ask.

        “Small, please.” I say, and they bring me something the size of a bucket.

        I have this recurrent nightmare about being a barista and correcting people’s orders. Some guy comes up to me and says:

        “Can I get a tall, skinny [something-or-other]”

        I say. “No. I CAN GET it for you. You MAY HAVE it once I have GOT it.”

        Help – in my dreams I’m a Barista-Fascista!

        • i never understood decaf much like not understanding beer with no alcohol in it, but anyway, onto the dream…I hope you make that train steam horn sound when making lattes or whatever. I think it’s for the milk; an electric man made udder. Gives the barista a chance to utter not human sounds and interupt whoever he or she might want to interupt.

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