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stormin soon park


How did I get here is a question I don’t ask too often; not anymore. Maybe I should? I used to keep a daily blog called “broken bats.” It wasn’t about baseball or maybe a little; but mostly just an idea written in a spurt explosion. It was easier or maybe not, but just as satisfying with a last word and clicking publish.

Last week, a painter asked me to add words to her paintings; “keep them from looking naked,” she said and I agreed; to add some words that is and she offered to paint imaginary baseball stadiums. Nice winter trade I thought and then wondered what she might dream up or envision or whatever it is painters do. 

She calls the painting and words a gang bang. There are trees, deserts, flowers, firey moons, mountains, and all kinds of skies; four baseball stadiums too including this one today. All of her paintings can be found at colorsetbrushes

stormin soon park

the bullpen latch creaks barn animals.beforethestormbaseballfield 001
there’s so much time here and so many clouds;
a cave painting sky.

the public address announcer sounds gravity,
explaining everything;
fiber by fiber.

something shoots from the dugout cannon;
creation’s first fireworks; 
a 9 piece ensemble feeling Roberta Flack again.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

6 thoughts on “stormin soon park

  1. Nice compliment to the painting.

  2. ” … a cave painting sky … ” beautiful!

    • Thank you!! I wonder if cave paintings included ancient baseball equivalents as themes like that ceremonial bat and ball game played by the Taíno Indians in somewhere near maybe Puerto Rico?

  3. I like the above painting. It’s much more dramatic if a home run lands in a forest than say, a cornfield. (and much more aesthetically pleasing) It gives me the feeling of the ball entering a safer, distant realm as the batter scores…thus entering his own safer, distant realm than he had moments previously. You can enjoy the moment in all it’s bombastic excitement and then daydream about what live/lies just beyond.

    • Thanks Gary. Forest home run. I like that and maybe the forest home run ball chase would follow.; kids daring other kids to “go and see if they can find the ball, but watch out. Johnny says he saw a bear out there yesterday.”

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