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my master has gone away


There were probably hobos of all sizes and one or two of em maybe looked like Connie Mack who was real tall or seems real tall in today’s black and white photos or maybe it’s the suit and tie that delude me? shoot his back higher than it really is?

Either way, it’s probably better to be small; not for moral reasons, but for squeezing under fences, lifting heavy objects and hopping trains and what not.  

I’ve hopped one train in my life and only rode it for 15 minutes; from Cote St. Luc to Rosemont; two small little boroughs around Montreal. It was maybe the greatest 15 minutes of my life with the only regret being that I jumped off, but braving my cowardly breath and leaping toward the metal handle, ahhhhhh, I felt like a zoo animal escaping the chains and that might sound all romantic, but it’s not true. It’s like the bark being bigger than the bite. I was scared all the way; from inhale to leap to grab the metal handle to pull myself up to the exhale.

But there were a few feelings between the fears and even now almost 10 years later, I wonder about it and play analogy; what it would be like to climb the Fergie Jenkins mound for the first time? I wish they would rename Wrigley’s pitcher’s mound “The Fergie.”

I wonder what criteria science experts use when deciding if a species is endangered?

If i took the Fergie today I’d feel like a farmer in overalls and you betchya, I’d be twanging em and staring out at all the creation like i shoulda been doing on that train; at all the broccoli patch of trees rolling and where sky and land meet.

I’d be like a dog enjoying a buffet table of smells; a wonderful mix of maybe popcorn, beer and perfume and maybe it would remind of some early point in my life and I would have to pause and the opposing team might get suspicious  and make up rules to speed up the game, but smells are powerful.  

I would wear my arm on my sleeve and not be a bionic prince. I’d keep reminding skipper that I work 10 hour days in the off-season ; shoveling cow manure on daddy’s farm. “I don’t need no tommy john surgery” I’d tell him and then he’d know that  i sure as hell don’t need no relievers neither.

But I guess Roenicke had no choice last night, but then again I don’t think any teams score many runs anymore; not with defensive shifts and Tommy John bionic arms and no more PED’s. This is a Pitcher’s World dammit, but Aramis Ramirez already announced his retirement after this season and Carlos Gomez-the Brewers best hitter or at least the most entertaining has been shelved with a hamstring problem.

So Roenicke had no choice so he pinch hit for our fill in ace Jimmy Nelson in the 6th inning. Fill in because Kyle Lohse’s ERA sounds like science fiction after 2 starts; 11.17. And the Brewers only scored one more run and the Pirates score three and so it goes.

I’ve never seen a home run hit farther at PNC than Starling Marte’s blast off Johnny Broxton; up to the second deck in left center; made the score 6-2 Pirates.

And I’ve never seen a batter lay down a perfect sac bunt and realize it was either make contact or feel Ray Chapman. The fastball from Jeremy Jeffress came flying in; heading for the batter’s face. He had already squared to bunt so he just raised his arms and sweet jesus, ball hit bat somehow and ball rolled up the first base line looking like 8 ball hugging the rail and the camera followed the batter who never left the batter’s box. There were no pats on ass and high fives when he reached the dugout; just a collective sigh saying  “whooooo daddy, live another day.”

The Brewers are 2-8; worst record in baseball.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

18 thoughts on “my master has gone away

  1. They may be 2-8 but you make them sound like pure poetry.

    And, cheers for your train-hopping. I heard an interview recently (recently-ish) with a fella who went train-hopping with his dad, in search of one of those life-changing, bonding father-son adventures. They discovered that trains were too noisy for conversation and when they would hop off they would stay at hotels. You win.

  2. I always wanted to do the punk rock thing and hop a train but then I heard horror stories about getting sucked under and missing limbs and my cowardice took over.

    • The Freighthopper’s Manual for North America has some folklore and Bukowski quotes and what not, but also practical advice on how to avoid exactly what you describe Gary.

  3. Love the part about Kyle Lohse’s ERA sounding like science fiction. One thing about being in last place. I remember watching the Mets at Shea Stadium one August night in 1979, and they were solidly in last place at that point. We had a great time, because when you’re at the bottom, you have nothing to lose (except another game, of course.) So, that lack of pressure actually made it like when you attend a kid’s Little League game, and everyone is there just to enjoy the experience of being there. Had a few beers in the upper deck, and you could almost reach out and touch the jumbo jets as they came in for a landing overhead on their way to Kennedy or Laguardia. I think Joel Youngblood hit a homer that night.

    • and the mets have won like 6,7 or 8 games in a row. I caught a few snippets last night on wpix; nothing like a little steve sabriskie (spelling?) barking “and it’s outta here” for one of the home runs and then the 1 or 2 pitch save by the pitcher who wears that protective helmet. I forget his name.

      • Seven in a row now, with Matt Harvey pitching today. This is the most fun I’ve had being a Mets fan in about eight years.

        • Glad to hear. Enjoy it…well deserved after an 8 year itch and I think you predicted above .500 for the mets with an outside chance at wild card, no?
          Must feel great knowing the Mets traded Dickey for d’arnaud. I don’t know how much impact a catcher has on a staff, but d’arnaud seems to have his head screwed on right and he might hit 20 homers for a couple of years or more.

  4. Jumpin’ trains? Hell, that makes you Pepper Martin more than Fergie Jenkins.

    Lohse doesn’t have a sci-fi ERA; it’s much closer to a Battle of Hastings ERA.

  5. There’s a post for you, Bill–guys who played out the string with the Mets, legends or otherwise. Hell, you could call it “Mays and Mutts.”

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