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climbing attic steps


I can’t remember the sweaty palms of a first crush any more than scratching at the cement of our wall ball batter’s box, but we must have looked super small to nearby birds; standing there beside that big red brick wall and small spray painted square with an x inside; our all-knowing strike zone.

I did the Cecil Cooper crouch. Others went with a super relaxed Eric Davis. There were all kinds and no pitcher’s mound, just more cement. We took chances with no grown ups telling us what to do. I liked being Kent Tekulve; total submarine style; turned pitching into a dance and felt better on the arm.

The greatest moment was whacking one with that 29 inch aluminum bat and watching a deflated dirty yellow ball come to life like that, soaring over the fence and bouncing down an alley and disappearing. There were no bases so no home run trots, but a hell of a lot of flipping the bat, dancing and jumping around. Pissed the pitcher off just the same.

It’s depressing to think maybe I’ve already lived the greatest moments in my life, but maybe we’re not supposed to live very long anyway. There were no heart surgeons 200 years ago. Our ancestors performed rain dances, downed whisky, clenched their teeth and hoped for the best. No wonder Walter Johnson pitched so many complete games. Less to lose with death always a possibility rather than 40 years away, but then again Gaylord Perry pitched plenty of complete games and he lasted into the early 80’s.

Complete games may never return, but the wind pouring through an attic window hopefully will and kids will find a way past the mom or dad border guards and be there to take in the breeze and see the cobwebs all around and invent nightmare mythologies to last an entire childhood. May there never be a dull day. 

The Brewers playing with three starters on the disabled list last night and Aramis Ramirez also not in the lineup. His replacement Jason Rodgers made a bad throw on an easy ground ball; potential third out of the third inning. but instead the bases are loaded and Jay Bruce goes Grand slam. Reds 4, Brewers 0.

The Brewers come to bat in the bottom half; a single and a 2 run homer by replacement catcher Martin Maldonado; a couple of doubles and a single and most runs scored in an inning for the Brewers this season-4. Game tied.

But Todd Frazier in the very next inning; bases loaded again and BAM; another grand slam. Reds back on top 8-4 and in the fifth inning , Zack Cozart hit his second home run of the series. I think the score was 11-4 Reds at that point and then 13-4. Brewers score a run in the sixth. and recently called up Elian Herrera comes to bat after three consecutive walks and BAM Grand slam. It’s suddenly 13-10 and Brewers announcer Bill Shroeder barks it out; Game On!

The Reds added some more in the top of the 7th. Votto hit another home run; final score 16-10 and maybe Jason Marquis pitching has me thinking with  Marquis colored glasses, but Brewer bats seem to be heating up. 

Not a dull moment at Miller Park last night; The two teams combining for 7 homers and 3 grand slams; must be some sort of record; but the Brewers still lost and are now 2-12.

And even if they keep losing; no two losses seem to behave the same; reverse spice of life I guess. Next up Johnny Cueto. The Reds ace set to face the Brewers new ace; Jimmy Nelson Wednesday night.

The Cleveland Spiders were 20-134 back in 1899.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

12 thoughts on “climbing attic steps

  1. If you keep writing posts like this, I’m going to start hoping that the Brewers never win again. Beautiful.

    (I became an Orioles fan the year they started 0-21 … I hadn’t been much for baseball up til then, but I figured they needed a fan. Hang in there.)

    • Thanks for the encouragement!! I forgot all about the Orioles 0-21 start. I looked it up and learned that the 14th loss came at County Stadium to set a new record; most losses in a row to start a season.

  2. To paraphrase The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, don’t invoke the Spiders yet. That’s not the opening? Well, the sentiment is the same.

    When we played wiffle ball in the corner lot back in the day, we weren’t big on copying batting styles, although it was pretty much de riguer to drop a Hac-Man One Flap Down on someoe if you went yard at an inopportune time. It’s not enough to deflate the pitcher, you gotta take his manhood sometimes.

    • It really is something else; that duel between pitcher and batter. I looked up the hac man’s hit by pitches and was surprised to see only 23 for his career. I was thinking the one flap woulda drove the opposition a little bonkers.

  3. Fiers is, well not the Fiers we saw. It’s as if he slipped away from the MDB (Mom and Dad Borderguards) and stayed out all night before his turn to pitch. Send him some help.

  4. My cousins and I used the newspaper/duct tape variety of balls after too many broken windows and ass whippins’

    Don’t give up on the Crew yet….you only have to be a handful of games above .500 to snag a Wild Card.

  5. Anthony Young had a 27-game losing streak from 1992-93. He was 0-14 as a starter, and 0-13 as a reliever. After he left baseball, he got a 9-5 job working in a chemical plant. Now, he coaches for a living. You have to wonder if he now looks back on that losing streak, which must have been killing him at the time, and thinks, I wonder if those were the best days of my life? You never know.

    • Well, the mlb seems to be all be about results; getting the job done and what not and working at a chemical plant is probably no different. I hope he keeps his job. They’re hard to come by.

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