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a roll of the tongue


Headlines screamed this week, “The Brewers are trading everyone“ and so off to the cemetery I went, to pay respects, a stroll and a look up and it was as if god himself had dunked a broom in a bucket of paint and streaked it across the sky. I walked further and the river with its polluted swirls of muck and debris suffered the same mighty whisps and up ahead, 2nd floor McDonalds, more of the same in cream twirling a toilet flush infinity into my black coffee.

Carlos Gomez will be missed the most. “He brought fun back to baseball“ or at least he laughed cartoon exuberance. Knees cork screwing, toes digging tasmanian, head pops off or just helmet, but that smile, kissing the bat, rubbing the balaebooshka, climbing outfield walls, hopping in Rafer Alston skip to my lou serenades.

All My Messiahs, from frozen pizza to ding dongs, baseball cards, my first landlord, countless older brother surrogates to Rob Deer, Mark Clear to you Carlos.

I cringe at the thought of phoning Babe Ruth, not only because he`s already transformed into something I can’t fully understand yet, but because it’s Babe Ruth. I could barely whisper his name as a kid, almost embarrassed or scared like i had sinned and I never saw him play, not even on tv, just inside a book at the grade school library, but Babe Ruth. Bigger than any mountain.

What about Bob Golasso then? or Andy Replogle, Buster Ricky Keeton, Timothy Leary? In Keeton’s case, Buster was just a nickname, but I will forever find it wonderful anyway, this Brewers cast as superficial as it may be, just names, but potent, turn a dull day into scrabble related activities followed by a feeling of avalanche and escaping outside, grateful my disease caused me to swim.

There was a full moon last week and it was humid and hot in this season of sex, love or murder, babies conceived, cricket mating sirens, electric nature, a constant warning sound.

There’s much more work to be done.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

11 thoughts on “a roll of the tongue

  1. “I walked further and the river with its polluted swirls of muck and debris suffered the same mighty whisps and up ahead, 2nd floor McDonalds, more of the same in cream twirling a toilet flush infinity into my black coffee.”

    I like this sentence a heck of a lot.


  2. The Mark Clear reference is special in a sort of Salinger-esque way. I’d like to think I was the only person that understood. Great piece.

    • I’m not sure of the Clear-Salinger connection? but Clear with his big round house curve, getting batters to swing and 7 iron miss, his wild throws and jacked up socks, curly cue leg kick, definitely one of my favorites, and maybe an air of reclusive?

  3. Wait… 2nd floor McDonald’s??

    • A separate country that Mickey deees. TV’s too. Only open til 2 AM. I’ve never been there that late or early, but coffee and a muffin in the 7 am morning with the occasional dialogue and/or people talking to themselves up on that 2nd floor and all for 2 dollars, pretty close to paradise.

  4. I heard cricket mating sirens at Edgbaston.

  5. Is it just me, or did Andy Replogle have the exact career a guy named Andy Replgole should have?