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all or nothing but sometimes something


There’s one on every street corner. A human factory cranks em out on a daily basis. Talking about The Species. They don’t wear a green star on their shirt, no number monogrammed onto their wrist. They sometimes swing and miss….a lot of times in fact, but they also know the strike zone. They earn walks and do make contact, more than contact, more like explosions, The Big Fly. I bet if we lined em all up, we could make a great long wall, Red Rover Red Rover, send Adam Dunn over?

i was looking for players who had a high OB% with a low batting average, more affectionately known as OBP – BA differential. Where would the world be without dashes? I figured most of the players, maybe all of them would fit the above profile and be like Dunn, be power hitters. His career BA is .237, career OB% .364………462 long balls.

I found the OB BA differential list for 2009. Carlos Pena ruled the roost with his .222 batting average and .357 OB%, good enough for a .135 difference. No surprise. Pena fits the mold or my assumption of someone who swings and misses a lot, but swings and hits home runs too and scares pitchers into throwing balls, hence, walk a lot too.

But I didn’t find any other seasons and I didn’t find an all-time leader list, yet.

The Brewers Colin Walsh, no relation to Joe Walsh, as far as I know defies the logic I was trying to develop. Walsh made the Brewers team this year, his first major league season, on his reputation for working a walk. It’s a good fit, Walsh and the Brewers, especially if you subscribe to the notion that a manager is God and he builds a roster in his own image. Not only does Walsh mildly resemble Craig Counsell in a sculptured facial feature sort of way, but he takes pitches in mind-expanding volumes. Colin Walsh simply does not swing and that makes him sort of a circus side show because he doesn’t really hit either, certainly not home runs or not in the majors, not yet anyway. But he did hit 16 home runs in 2012 – A level St. Louis and 13 in 2015 AA Oakland. He also hit .302 that year with a .447 OB%.

Walsh was originally drafted out of Stanford University by St. Louis, then released and signed by Oakland. He was left unprotected and the Brewers grabbed him in the 2015 Rule V draft which means he has to remain on the Brewers roster all season.

At the present time, Walsh is batting .095 with a .321 OB%. In 56 plate appearances, he has walked 13 times and struck out 18, 4 hits in 41 at bats, 2 RBI’s. He also spins the bat between pitches. It’s a different sort of baton twirl than Mickey Rivers, but a twirl nonetheless, a Hasbro sensation, fun for everyone to see.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

14 thoughts on “all or nothing but sometimes something

  1. Definitely an anomaly for a non-power hitter. I will have to keep an eye on this kid.

  2. [I have an old version of ‘All Or Nothing At All’ by George Shearing 5tet in my ear for the day. Just letting you know.]

    • i`ll have to cue that song up today. I know I’ve listened to a few Shearing tunes over the years, but the only thing I remember right now are his dark glasses.

      • I can’t find the cool version on YouTube. There is a swing version with vocals by Mel Torme, though.

        • Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question but I’m not really in the know about names and categories when it comes to music. I’ve heard of swing, but was wondering if there is or was a category called cool music and if so who or what songs fell into it?

      • He did an album with Peggy Lee entitled “Beauty and The Beat”. Man, I love 50’s album titles.

        • I did remember a go go’s song by that name from the early MTV days, a real catchy up beat song. I think the Go Go’s themselves were watersurfing in the video or maybe the song was called ‘We Got the Beat’?

          I went to wikipedia to verify and discovered it was actually a Go Go’s album and more recently, a Justin Beiber song. This seems like a great thing, that no one has slapped a copyright down on the name, but then again, look what’s happened to Cherokee.

      • ‘Cool’ isn’t really a category, except maybe ‘cool jazz’ into which Paul Desmond and Miles Davies might fit. ‘Cool’ is more of a general adjective. In the case of the track I remember, it was slow, melodic, with piano and vibes playing in unison.

      • I wasn’t thinking ‘Bitches Brew’, more early Miles, lots of muted trumpet.

        Then there’s Chet Baker.

  3. Maybe he’s going for that “The Kid Who Batted 1.000” kind of vibe.

    • He’s gonna get a chance anyway, being that he’s a rule V, until he reaches that vague injury status and can be shelved and preserved for the remainder of the season and beyond. Wei-Chung Wang is maintaining at AA Biloxi.

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