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The Atlanta Braves are not quite Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Miami, or Chicago White Sox pathetic when it comes to this year’s attendance, but it’s pretty damn close. The Braves are 25th overall, 22,107 per game, or scratch that, they just jumped ahead Cincinnati into the 24th slot and anyway 22,107 doesn’t sound THAT bad, only looks bad because Los Angeles, San Francisco, and St. Louis are all over 40,000.

It’s some sort of reverse marketing hype as opposed to Dem Bums of Brooklyn who enjoyed forward marketing hype and still do. Those ”loveable losers?” I never understood that. Maybe they were loveable, like many other teams, but not losers. Cripes, seventeen out of their last eighteen years in Brooklyn, 1939-1957, they enjoyed a winning record, including three seasons of 100 or more wins, seven trips to the World Series and one World Series triumph. And yeh, they lost six World Series and three other ones before 1939, two as the Brooklyn Robins and one as the Bridegrooms. The Bridegrooms? What kind of a name is that for a baseball team? Anyway, they – those Bridegrooms also suffered a tie in the 1890 Series (3-3-1) and that strikes me as a sin. Can you imagine a World Series ending in a tie today? There would be riots like there should have been in Milwaukee when Selig let the 2002 All-Star game end in a tie.

Maybe all the hype around Brooklyn is because it’s New York or Brooklyn or whatever and well, anything New York seems to get a disproportionate amount of attention and good thing too, probably saves baseball from going bankrupt, but anyway, what happened to the good old 1951 days when the Boston Braves averaged 3,653 fans per game. That musta been a blast, to be at The Wigwam Braves Field and having all that space and silence to watch and ponder a game, a major league game, no different from the game 17,000 fans at Fenway were watching or different, for sure, but interesting in its own right.

I say move the Braves back to Milwaukee. I haven’t made a picket protest sign yet, but I’m thinking about it. Unfortunately I’m in Montreal so no one would know what the fart I’m talking about, but a few people in Milwaukee are still bitter, mostly old farts and mostly as an excuse to get together and drink beer and remember 13 consecutive winning Braves seasons before being airlifted down south and yeh, the Braves won 14 divisions in a row there, but only one World Series and everyone expected them to win more with all that pitching, but they didn’t and this year, Atlanta is 14-34, tied with Minnesota for the worst record in baseball.

This is the ideal moment to return the Braves to Milwaukee and piss off Montreal, make them more like Red Sox fans who cry about curses. Montreal would then fight even harder for a team, maybe a relocated oakland or tampa bay.

Milwaukee as a two team city would result in more tailgating, but where? Who cares where! What good is a brand new stadium if only 21,000 fans looking like ants sit there? A local field filled with bleachers would be louder and the new Milwaukee Braves would win lots of games from all that enthusiasm.

And that new stadium being built for the Braves, the one where play is to begin next year could be turned into a giant dog park paradise with people from all over the world visiting, proceeds or part of them funneled back to the MLB to compensate for money lost at small venue Milwaukee Braves Field. I’m panting, tongue wagging, out of breath.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

29 thoughts on “crayons and picket signs

  1. Did you know…the Braves are now a public company? Recently spun-off from John Malone’s Liberty Media conglomerate. As a Braves owner myself, I’m just tickled at the Shelby Miller mugging of the Dbacks.

    • I hope they at least let you stock car holders have a say in the naming of the new field…Sun Trust Park? ughhhhh, first it was Cherokee people hijacked by the conglomeritis jeeps and now the sun is being stolen too.

  2. You can’t trust people who charge $8 for a hot dog.

  3. I’m just waiting for some super billionaire to come along and wildly overpay me for my shares so he can have his trophy.

  4. Nope, no perks like that. These companies are broken into tens of millions of shares so they can’t give away anything, the cost could be astronomical. I am, however, trying to figure out if I can get an old school stock certificate for 1 share. That would be sort of cool to hang.

    • The whole thing is fascinting to me . I checked out that link to Liberty Braves. Thanks Randy. It’s a new finance language to discover. Ya know, I think the Brewers were publicly owned which would explain the name County Stadium. Too bad they don’t offer longhouse roundtable discussions among stockholders on who should be called up, traded, and what not.

      Sometimes fans do take matters to the streets. When the Braves were on their way out of Milwaukee, there were some riots or fans toilet papering management`s front lawns or the being pissed off equivalent. If you’re interested, here’s this great video called `Frank Bolling grand slam of sandy koufax.` I try to watch it at least once a year, mostly the first 13 minutes. It helps keep my amnesia at bay, That scene at the 12 minute mark as the lights go out at County Stadium is so sad it’s beautiful. The last 45 minutes are post 1965, in Atlanta and in color.

      • Gonna watch, thanks for the link

      • No. The Braves were only publicly owned in that the taxpayers were forced to pay for the stadium. I read this in the book “The Dodgers Move West” by Neil Sullivan.


        • I was referring to the Brewers Glen, not the Braves. I remember someone saying that the Brewers were publicly owned or maybe I’m mixing it up with the Packers? Probably. I think I’ll play monopoly and drink a few beers instead.

      • I wonder if one of the reasons that County Stadium couldn’t draw crowds in their last year despite doing well was similar to the reason for the Dodgers. A crumbling neighborhood surrounded Ebbets Field, crime was starting to ride high. White fans who had fled Brooklyn in the 50s (“White Flight” for Long Island as the neighborhood got worse were unwilling to do all that driving, and drive back to the city after having worked there all day. A lot of people don’t realize this, but the 50s were NOT a golden era for baseball, at least attendance-wise. Attendance was way down, and Ebbets field was no exception. I wonder if that was the case in Milwaukee, too. Steve, was Milwaukee County Stadium in the middle of Milwaukee’s inner city, or was it in more of a suburban part of Milwaukee where crime wasn’t that prevalent? Plus, how was the parking at County Stadium? The parking at Ebbets Field was almost non-existent, which was a factor in the bad attendance, as well.


        • No, not at all. County Stadium is in the Menominee Valley. The only crime there is squirrels eating too many nuts and the parking lot was tailgater paradise and still is.

  5. I’m on my way out the door to see the A’s and Tigers. They call the yard It took me a long time to figure out that this was named for benefit of You may know that sells stuff that seemingly didn’t sell the first time around. Maybe that’s the story. The A’s average home game attendance is 19,005, third worst in MLB. The place is cavernous now that they put in all the extra seats for the Raiders games. That was 20 years ago and it still seems so, so wrong. All the extra seats are blocked off for baseball games unless the A’s make it to the playoffs.

    I think I would have appreciated watching Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn and Eddie Matthews with 3,000 other people, unless they were chewing their popcorn and cracker jacks too loudly. That might have been a bit of a distraction. Don’t you think?

    • Well, those 3,ooo fans would not have seen Aaron. He never played in Boston, but anyway, one of my favorite memories was when a fellow strat-o-matic friend who went on to play Bass in the band The Hold Steady chewed with his mouth open, on purpose, to gross out a girl who was kind of an untouchable tease. I despise family sections at stadiums. I mean if you make it up and out of your agoraphobia, then I say deal with the elements.

      • Oh, the risks of reading too quickly. Trying to get out to the yard and multi tasking. I left your excellent article thinking the Milwaukee Braves had the low attendance.

        • And they did too, real bad in fact, just over 6,000 in 1965, but not as bad as Boston in their closing curtain years, but ya know what Bruce, I try not to make excuses and living here in Montreal and hearing all the whiners come out of the closet pointing their fingers at the MLB and fine, some of it is justified since a few of their home games were in Puerto Rico and in September, 2003, they weren’t allowed to expand their roster, but still, I stop and wonder where the hell were fans when the Expos attendance dipped under 10,000 that final year.

  6. Btw, is your friend from The Hold Steady a fan of The Faces? I ask because I was introduced to his band through an “influenced by The Faces” compilation.

    • I have no idea. When we see each other, we talk about Darrel Porter and Ben Oglivie, but I did see his band a few years ago here in Montreal. He was also in another band called Punch Drunk. This is going back a few years, but I have one of the singles, a song about Lyman Bostock.

      • If it occurs to you next get together and if you don’t mind addressing it for my curiosity, mix in a Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane and Ron Wood with those early Brewers

        • sure, no problem if my amnesia doesn’t kick in or heck, i’ll just write those names down – two Ron’s and and a Rod so if there is a next get together, i’ll drop the names and see where it all goes.

  7. I saw something ending in ‘-icket’, and for one moment…

  8. And speaking of time to undo historical wrongs…the San Francisco Giants were once the New York Giants, as everyone knows…but the New York Giants were once the Troy Haymakers, and frankly, the Collar City hasn’t been the same since they left. Time to do the good people of Rensselaer County a solid.

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