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my aunt, tv shows, and before 1919


Maybe it’s the accents; maybe the dialects or maybe the roaming around the country? I like The Antiques Roadshow. The appraisers know everything – cutlery, dresses, music, dinosaurs, golf balls, history galore! They have answers for everyday people from all over America with everyday hand-me-down items that in some cases turn out to be treasures.

I heard the other day that accents in America are actually increasing or strengthening or something like that. That was a surprise and good news to me. I figured with McDonalds even bigger than the Roman Empire, everyone would have started sounding the same, because of something they put in the hamburgers. It would be like how the Roman Empire integrated Catholic ritual everywhere along the roman roads to unify everyone under the same umbrella or whatever, but it’s not working out that way so the Roadshow rolls all over the country and the accents sound great.

The show originated in England or maybe before that it was in Egypt or probably on another planet they have a similar show.

My aunt loved antiques. i remember other people in our family rolling their eyes when she insisted on stopping at every antiques bazaar along the interstate between Milwaukee and kenosha. She turned an hour drive into an afternoon. i followed her around.

she wore a victorian brooch one day and a long twirling ukranian folk dress the next and somedays both. There was a rumbling around the family water cooler and a consensus that she was nuts so i liked her even more. They said she lived in another era. I had no idea what that meant. Era to me was earned run average and still is. Eras and decades and organizing time in nice neat little packages? Then and now as if the world was black and white many years ago, but it was never black and white. My aunt told me so. She said broccoli was always green and the grass too, in summer anyway. i believed her.

I always think of my aunt when i catch a road show on pbs. baseball is kind of an american antique, so every once in a while, like a few months ago, a 1917 white sox world series pin pops up. 1917 white sox? that in itself stuck out as the opposite of a toilet in a farm field….whatever that would be. i’m tired of 1919 so this 1917 was fresh air. this guy who brought some pictures of his grandfather along with the pin they called a medallion was a world series medallion from 1917….medallion instead of a world series ring i think. i never knew jack squat about the 1917 sox, probably because it’s dwarfed by 1919, but that 1917 team won 100 games and the world series too.

this guy with the medallion was the grandson of dave danforth who was a pitcher for that 1917 team and also a dentist.  i had never heard of Dave Danforth. According to the appraiser/narrator on the Roadshow, Danforth was one of the first relief pitchers in baseball since back then complete games were so common place. He also had a reputation for doing what no one really knew to the freaking baseball. That musta made him kind of a freaky dentist too.

the SABR bio project calls him the “the icicle of the swirling vortex.” What gets me is that only 8 pitchers are listed on the white sox baseball reference page for 1917. Eight pitchers? And one of them – Mellie Wolfgang only threw 17 innings, so that’s like 7 pitchers for 154 games. I guess pitchers didn’t get sick or have sore arms back then.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

9 thoughts on “my aunt, tv shows, and before 1919

  1. It’s amazing to me how you can condense these great ideas into little snappy niblets and it always comes out entertaining reading. Lately, particularly, each one seems better than the last.


  2. “What you’ve got here, ma’am, is the actual left elbow ligament of Reb Russell. At auction, I’d say it would bring…”

  3. With globalisation comes localisation. Seems contradictory, but it’s the case.

    • i once got an ingrown toe nail. It was on my big toe. I forget if it was my right or left foot, but i do remember my mom or maybe it was my dad or maybe my grandma or maybe my aunt heard something. they heard it from their aunt or grandma or father and what they heard they told me and did it to me. They twirled a piece of cotton and stuffed it between my nail and skin and that helped that ingrown toe nail face the other direction and grow outward.

      • That makes a lot of sense.

        • the thing i forget to mention is that some people know about the universe expanding and contracting like you know about this globalization localisation irony. i don’t know anything about neither but i can tell you this. Ingrown toenails sometimes return so in a way our toes are like the universe or the economy…ingrowing and outgrowing, back and forth cycles. And oh yeh, i can’t recommend enough polysporin, a real cure all for infections and cheap and over the counter as well.

  4. I never thought of baseball as an antique, but you’re absolutely right. Handle with care.

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