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anonymous breath


i’m sure Honus Wagner’s hands were huge and it would be cool to sit around and shoot the shit with him. Eat a steak with Boog Powell too. Talk public transportation with Kent Tekulve. Visit an airport with Luis Tiant, slip into lounge, and sip some beers.

I bet my upstairs neighbor has plenty of stories to tell too and I bet if I lugged a bottle or two of something upstairs we’d have a good ol’ time. Who knows? Maybe once upon a time he traded two Willie McGee’s and a Kent Hrbek for a pack of smokes?

I once traded three beers and an airplane size flask of whisky for my neighbor’s St. Louis Cardinal hat. I put that hat in my freezer. It was in 2011. The Brewers were playing the Cardinals in the NLCS. The Brewers lost, but the cryonics fever I was under seemed to bloom.

I ran into that neighbor more frequently.
He smiled.
So did I.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

2 thoughts on “anonymous breath

  1. John Morris, outfielder, and I played ping pong in the winter of 1990-1991. This was right after he was released by the Cardinals. He was telling me how he was hoping to sign with the Phillies so that he could be with his old teammate and pal Jim Lindeman. I ALMOST beat him in ping pong. We kept on tying the score, until he finally won by a score of 28-26 or something like that. He also talked a lot about another pal of his on the Cardinals, Willie McGee. This was in the early months of 1991. And he did sign with the Phillies; he was the regular center fielder for them for a while while that idiot Lenny Dykstra was recuperating after wrapping his Mercedes Benz around a tree right (yes, he was drunk) in the days leading to the 1991 season, He should have stayed the Phillies center fielder; what a difference between the class guy Morris was and still is and the jerk that Dykstra was and is. Morris wasn’t a bad player at all, and he’s a good man with values.


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