brewers baseball and things

johnny finds a rose


it’s an early spring morning.
a pleasant cardinal tweet greets Johnny
but he wonders darkly instead.
if he were stranded in a small boat,
in the middle of a big ocean
with no signs of land,
no water to drink,
and no food to eat,
would he really care
that 37 games into this 2017 season
the Brewers were 20-17,
and had already hit 60 home runs,
most in the majors?
would he care?
maybe more than ever!



Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

4 thoughts on “johnny finds a rose

  1. I’m glad one of us has a team doing things worth writing about

    • my memory is not so good. It comes in slide show flashes, little glimpses and what not, most often provoked by a smell, but i do remember attending old municipal stadium in cleveland aka the mistake by the lake. that place housed close to 90,000 people or it could when full. when i was there, the indians were bad, really bad. there were less than 4,000 people. it was one of the best games i ever went to.

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