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I had no idea what the rumors of Jose Abreu being traded to the Red Sox might do. I mentioned it Thursday morning as a work warm up and the lone Red Sox fan in our Montreal warehouse smiled a David Ortiz smile and then added,

“Wasn’t there another Abreu in baseball?”

“Yeh,” I said. “Bobby Abreu.”

“For the Cardinals?” he asked

“No, a couple of other teams, but mostly the Phillies,” I said.

“Oh yeh the Phillies,” he responded. “He was an Expos killer.”

I had no idea about Abreu being an Expo killer but I related to the horror because Reggie Jackson murdered the Brewers at County Stadium. I told my co-worker this. He paused and then said,

“We’re going to an Expos game one day.”

He might have been referring to the annual spring training games held at Olympic Stadium between the Blue Jays and some other team, but he said Expos. I could have asked him, could have made clarification my top priority, but I prefer riffing off someone any way I like, delusional as it may be.

So one day we were going to an Expos game. Hmmmm. Of course things would have to change. Typically baseball arouses ire rather than awe in Montrealers. They seem to use the sport as a springboard to deconstruct society and all its woes, maybe understandably so considering the Expos were stolen from Montreal and moved to Washington D.C.

Then there is a group that welcomes the idea of baseball back here, but only if there is a new stadium. They know exactly where to put one too, how much money it would generate, and so on. No one liked Olympic Stadium. No one does. This is nothing new. Even the Expos management didn’t like it back in 1975 when they promised major league baseball it was a temporary solution while a new stadium was built. We’re still waiting. But a new stadium wouldn’t solve Montreal’s problems. Sure, if you build one, people would come, but only for a year or two and then what? The newness of the fashion would fade.

I say forget the new stadium mentality. Start over. Take a new road. Mind you this is very much a work in progress. I’m no urban planner, but as a baseball fan in Montreal I can only tolerate so much Bobby Wine-ing. Here’s my nine cents…..

1) revive Montreal’s lost rivers from before the automobile highways aroused a strange desire in cement.
2) create blue prints to carve canoes from fallen trees, paddles too.
build real simple baseball diamonds all over the place, river to river.
4) organize teams according to old parish neighborhoods
5) open bars and diners near the diamonds.

6) organize baseball games.
7) don’t keep score.

8) stop the games at random moments and have players and fans breathe, feel the wind, make games longer.
9) make batting practice a city-wide every day holiday and let fans take batting practice after every game.


Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

19 thoughts on “post apocalyptic baseball starter kit

  1. Well, you never know– how many wan souls walked around Winnipeg grimly and defiantly wearing their Moe Mantha and Brian Hayward throwbacks, just waiting for what they believed was theirs by rights?

  2. Just read that the Brewers re-signed Steven Vogt. I will be with you in spirit when I wear my beloved vintage 1980’s Vogt jersey this year. 🙂

    • Vogt didn’t play until 2012. He didn’t play in the 80s. I just looked it up. I don’t follow baseball these days, but I did in the 80s, and I KNEW there was no guy named “Vogt” in either league then.


      • They have givaways at the ballpark with modern players on vintage jerseys. :0

        • Why grown men go out of their way to wear the names of millionaire baseball players on their shirts is beyond me. I used to work with a woman named Margaret Trujillo while I was at the Newburgh Evening News (Newburgh, New York), and she and I went to a baseball game (The Hudson Valley Renegades versus some other team in the NY-Penn League, I forgot who), and she was wearing a Hudson Valley Renegades shirt with HER name on the back. Yes. TRUJILLO, it said. So if it’s good enough for Margaret Trujillo, why isn’t it good enough for Gary Trujillo? Maybe Margaret wasn’t an insecure person who would feel the need to be commended on her shirts.

          • That’s rich coming from a jock sniffer like you Glen. Why grown men go out of their way to talk garbage to someone they don’t know on a blog is beyond me. I have no problem with my own last name on a jersey, but like I said….it was a give away.

            • If you have no problem with the name TRUJILLO on a uniform, can I call Margaret Trujillo and ask her if you could have her Hudson Valley Renegades uniform shirt? She could give it to me and I could mail it to you.

              How am I a jock sniffer? I’m not all that impressed with professional athletes. Especially nowadays. Think about it. Why should WE root for a millionaire? That’s ass-backwards. The millionaires should be rooting for US.

              Do we root for the Rockefellers? Do we root for the DuPonts?

              Give me your mailing address, and I’ll ask Margaret if you can have the jersey.

              By the way, why should we have famous millionaires’ names on our shirts? Do THEY have MY name on THEIR shirts? Not including, of course, Jackie Slater, the former Rams player.

              Remember when so many people had “TOMMY HILFINGER” on their T-shirts? I mean, “TOMMY HILFINGER”? Why would I want to have HIS name on MY shirt? He’s probably just some fag clothing designer.

              Tommy Hilfinger should be wearing GLEN SLATER shirts or GARY TRUJILLO shirts or MARGARET TRUJILLO shirts.

            • “Why grown men go out of their way to talk garbage to someone they don’t know on a blog is beyond me.” Why do YOU go out of your way to talk garbage to someone they don’t know on a blog? You are more insulting than I am, FAR more. What I’ve written to you is tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes, I can’t tell whether what you say to me is tongue-in-cheek or just mean.

              • Want to understand me, Gary, and where I come from? Read this book. It’s about my cousin.

                You don’t understand me. Read this book and you might understand me better.

                • We’re NOT just “Mooks” here in Brooklyn, a term that I had to look up in order to understand what it means and why you called me that. I had never heard the term before you called me it, and it was not said in a kind way. It was insulting. Also, I STILL have relatives that are in the Jewish Mafia (formerly Murder, Inc.), so watch it! (No, they won’t hurt YOU, Gary.)

    • Gary, I’m glad you’ll be wearing the shirt. Vogt was a great pick up last year. I’m glad to hear of us resigning him.

      • Yes. Gary will be wearing this guy’s name on a shirt. He wanted some credit for that. I think it’s great that he has honored Vogt (whoever HE is) on a shirt. I’m sure he’s glad that YOU gave him the credit that he wanted for that, Steve. I think that Gary is a smart and enterprising young man.

  3. The suggestions at the end of the story would make Bill Lee proud, Steve.

  4. I know this is a bit eccentric to say, but Bobby Wine looks like he’s about to buzz a grenade into a foxhole.

  5. Your 9 cents sounds like a Utopia! One criticism though… you gotta keep score! What’s baseball without the competition? That’s what makes it so great!

    • it’s taken me nearly five years, but i think you’re right. we gotta keep score though it hurts today because the Brewers lost and they are almost mathematically eliminated, but I’m looking forward to the playoffs where there will be no runner on second to start the 10th inning. Hope all’s well with you.

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