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in memory of the cleveland indians


i remember being by the dugout. in search of an indian’s autograph and some indian set my shoelace on fire and i had been hot footed and i knew it was love.

Author: Steve Myers

I grew up in Milwaukee and have been a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan for as long as I can remember.

5 thoughts on “in memory of the cleveland indians

  1. I love this line, my shoelace on fire and i had been hot footed… My first trip out of state without my parents was to Cleveland. And I have to say, one of the worst Greyhound bus stations I’ve ever been in. Which made it all the more exciting.

    • I agree with you Bob. Nothing like a bus station. I take one to Sherbrooke sometimes to see family and if I’m tuned into my surroundings, all the hellos and goodbyes and cruddy coffee shops with bad donuts. There’s a lot to see.

      • Definitely! There’s just something about long bus rides that is inherently poetic.

      • I have probably told this story before…but in the undistinguished days of my undergraduate youth, I would travel between home and school on Greyhounds, and one of the stops on my journey would be the bus station in Binghamton. One night while I was packing to go home, I watched a Twilight Zone episode which took place in the bus station in Binghamton (Serling’s home town, y’know) and they were calling out “now leaving, bus for…” in the background, and one of the buses they cited was the bus I took out of Bingo for home. A touch unsettling, yes.

        • Nope. I don’t think you ever told that story before. I haven’t heard it anyway though I am prone to amnesia these daze, not a bad thing this amnesia trip – we get to enjoy things all over again and your story is well….one worth repeating. Did the bus in the twilight zone make it to its destination? Did your bus?

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